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Just Tried The Hungry Cat

Like the space & cocktails. Loved the oysters. However, I was unimpressed by the crazily pricey Lobster Roll.

The Cat doesn't seem to have to many fans here but of the few out there, what do you recommend? They did have an interesting Haddock Stew on the menu.

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  1. If you have tried The Hungry Cat for the first time, then you missed the really pricey Lobster Roll. It used to be half the size and cost only $2 less.

    I've always liked the Pug Burger and the their daily sashimi special. One of my favorite items on the menu, is the market salad with avocado, shaved parmesan, shallots, and egg. it's simple but it's really good. The crab legs have always looked good to me but I've yet to try them.


    1. Funny, I would say that Hungry Cat is one of the most consistently well reviewed places on Chowhound. Varied opinions on the Pug Burger aside, I've read very few detractors of the restaurant in general.

      That said, yes, the lobster roll is way overpriced for its size and inability to stand up to its New York cousins (Ed's, Mary's & Pearl).

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        Just so we know, how expensive is that Hungry Cat lobster roll? And does it come with fries or any other sides?

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          I think it's still $27 (?) and comes with a large side of fries.

          I've never been ( but have been to the S.B. location ironically enough ) but will (finally) try to go here tomorrow night. I think the one in S.B. has slightly better entree options though. The seared albacore was really good.

      2. I had a great meal there. The standout was the peel and eat shrimp, which I could have made a meal of alone. I got the peeled version, very good. Service was great and my friend had oysters he said were excellent. They got my vote...

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          We're going tonight. Oysters will be a given, anything else on the menu or cocktails that we should definitely try. TIA !

        2. I really enjoyed the Fritto Misto. The seafood and french fries were perfectly fried and very flavorful!

          1. The Lobster Roll is incredible but not worth the price. I feel guilty ordering it and I rarely feel guilty when I'm eating. That aside, it's one of the gems of Hollywood and should not be missed.

            1. My favorite things on the menu are the sofrito and clams (or the chorizo and clams, if they have that) as well as the whole fish, which has been brandade the past few times I've gone. The king crab legs in mustard butter and toast are no longer on the menu *in entree format* but are more or less part of the raw bar. The fish stew has always been consistent for me, also, but I like to spend a little extra to get more toast on the side to sop up all of it (the same is true for the sofrito).

              For oysters, I find myself draw to a lot of stuff coming out of the east coast, especially Prince Edward Island. But the fun of having a raw bar is that you are no longer constrained to buying them in the half-dozen or dozen. Oysters are a la carte.

              1. I was in for drinks at the bar a while back (wonderful) and ordered a scallop ceviche that was one of the best dishes I have had in a long while.

                1. I adore the hungry cat. The drinks are among the best in la and we love the oysters, the clams chorizo, the chowder is fab, and there is a fish with a thai influenced sauce that is amazing! I have been there many many times and have always had great meals.

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                    We had a great meal at the Hungry Cat the past weekend. We sampled all the different types of oysters and had the sashimi special. My wife enjoyed her market salad and I had the pug burger with egg surrounded by a heap of hot fries, delicious. For dessert, we shared the cheese plate and chocolate/butter pudding. Did not have any of the cocktails but they sure looked good, instead I had wine in addition to sparking and dessert wines to start and end our meals. Nice little drink list with many great choices to satisfy all. Great service and looking forward to going back. BTW, Wicked was ok too =)

                  2. peel and eat shrimp and halibut cheeks are my favs.
                    i went once before remodeling and the special was an oyster po' boy. it was absolutely delicious

                    1. Finally got to go here a few days ago. ( in the evening, post-concert )

                      To drink, I had the Dutch Treat ( gin, lime, lemon, and house-made grenadine ) because it was seasonal and I wanted something with citrus in it - very good, somewhat tart. The Greyhound looked interesting, maybe next time.

                      For dinner, I had the smoked salmon with lentils, carrots, jidori egg and saffron aioli on a bed of bitter greens - very tasty. It seems like some people in the past have complained about the portion size here, but I thought it was pretty decent-size for what it was.

                      I normally don't order dessert unless it's something I consider unusual ( and I have trouble finishing them by myself ) but I had the Meyer Lemon Curd parfait. This consisted of layers of lemon curd pudding alternated with a foamy sort of whipped cream, topped with a couple of sugar cookies. From what I remember, this was good as well, if not all that terribly extraordinary. ( I must note at this point I was kind of drunk and distracted by the gentleman on the left chatting me up, so that might have something to do with it )

                      I would definitely go back, maybe for lunch or when seasonally update the menu again.

                      1. dunno if they are still serving it, but the alaskan king crab leg with mustard sauce was phenomenal.

                        for a starter, they had a sashimi-type raw fish starter with a grapefruit sauce that i also thought was terrific.

                        1. Thought I'd throw in my two cents. We just went to Hungry Cat for the first time on Friday, April 4 before Wicked. Overall really enjoyed the meal. Service was very good if not "top notch." We mentioned our 8:00 p.m. curtain and had no problem making it. We were not a party of drinkers so didn't try either the cocktails so often recommended or even anything from the raw bar. One of us had the special pasta with papardelle, crab meat and trumpet mushrooms. This dish was well executed and delicious. As was the softshell crab special. Served over a very creamy, some would say mushy, polenta. Spiked with bits of chorizo (I think) this dish was excellent. The scallop and avocado appetizer was also quite good. Disappointments: Haddock chowder - Very ordinary, needed a better stock and/or some kind of additional spicing; crab salad - boring. Cheese plate - bland, bland, bland. Makes me wonder if anyone tasted the cheeses before putting them out. The honey comb and almonds served as accompaniments were tasty but at $18 for the five bits of cheese, I really would have liked some with flavor. I'd definitely return for a pre or post theater bite, but certainly would not consider this a destination place.