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Feb 8, 2008 04:54 PM

What do you like at Spotted Pig

I stopped in for a beer and a snack the other night and liked it well enough. the crowd was a little irritating, but maybe I need to pick a different night. I enjoyed the bar staff. Had a nice cask-conditioned rye beer. The menu looks great and the specials sounded enticing, too, but I went for the deviled eggs and the chicken liver. I thought the deviled eggs sucked - so much vinegar in the stuffing that it was all you could taste. Ick. The chicken liver was a bit rough/rustic and very well seasoned (I'm not a huge liver fan) and a $5.50 serving was 3 good size pieces of toast covered with the good stuff. a nice little value for a bar snack.

So what should I try next time?

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  1. From what I've been reading - and hoping to try - the hamburger and the gnudi seem to be "must haves" for those who like the place.

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      Those are both terrific. I saw a post below about the fries and those were also great - I really like the addition of rosemary. Usually I don't care for shoestring style fries but I made an exception with these since they were executed quite well. The side of beets and chard is also fantastic.

      1. The gnudi are fantatic. Very rich and yummy, but not a big portion. I usually have one of the salads too. I'm partial to the lentil and arugula.

        1. Thoughts on Spotted Pig:

          Alas, after two previously failed attempts at dining at the Pig ("the wait will be 2 hours"--a polite way of saying "f**k off," basically), it was a case of the third time's a charm for us as we were told the wait would just be 15-20 minutes. Music to my ears as you can imagine, especially since we arrived at 12:00pm on a Saturday, peak brunch hour.

          A thumbs up from The Man himself plus three consecutive Michelin stars awarded to Spotted Pig equals major hype. And major hype equals a recipe for major disappointment. So when I opted for the burger with shoestring fries, I tried my best to not buy into the hype and instead eat and enjoy the burger for what it was.

          The shoestring fries were good, freshly fried and thoughtfully garnished with thin slices of fried garlic and fresh rosemary. But I soon realized that I am not a fan of the shoe-string (all skin, too much crunch), and more a fan of the wedge (plump, and filled with potato). I guess an accurate analogy would be a stick-skinny model (Kate Moss) versus a healthier woman (say, Julianne Hough). What is your preference? But I guess if you were a fan of the shoe-string, these would have to be a perfect 10.

          The burger itself had all the elements of a great burger. Buns were bronzed (toasty on the outside and fluffy within) and the meat was smoky yet extremely juicy. If only they hadn't smothered it in blue cheese! A case of personal preference, perhaps, but my companion who also got the burger concurred that the blue cheese completely overwhlemed the burger. When you take a bite, the textures are nice...but flavors almost completely blue cheese. (I now have a cold sore from the sodium content).

          Having said this, I love everything else about Spotted Pig. From the cute branding centered around the pig, to the very warm and inviting "neighborhood bar" feeling of the actual space. I'll be back, more than willing to fight off the "mosh-pit" crowds, and more than eager to get wowed by the other items on the menu.


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            in general, i was very underwhelmed by the spotted pig, and i had somehow missed the hype. i guess not working in Manhattan these past two years (and rarely eating there) has severely cut down my exposure. my friends were eager to try, and i was game.

            i enjoyed our appetizers .... we got a crispy pigs ear (which most of went to me) and i got the chicken livers, not expecting anyone else to be interested (and they weren't). i would get both of these again, and most definitely the chicken livers. the pigs ear i would want to share, or would have to leave some behind.

            (side note: i thought the deviled eggs on pork toast at Resto would be similar to the pigs ear, and i would have actually liked them if they were, but instead they were served on deep-fried scrapple and i didn't enjoy the texture, and the flavor was bland-fatty, instead of glorious fatty)

            i then got the burger, which 3 of us did, since it was supposedly the thing to get. i agree that the blue-cheese overwhelmed, and the shoestring fries were too much fry to potato (although they reheated in the toaster oven well for leftovers). the other friend got the gnudi, which were good, but not spectacular, nor different from how i could imagine them at a bunch of other places.

            if the place were more on my beaten path, i would recommend it as a place for drinks and snacks -- but it's too popular for that, so i probably will not bother.