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Feb 8, 2008 03:56 PM

Brunch below the 20's

I'm looking for a low-key brunch spot in the 20's and below. Somewhere in the village/soho/LES would be great, but also looking for great spots in the chelsea/gramercy area. I've been to Prune (which I really enjoyed), Stanton Social, Balthazar (too busy), and Jane but am looking to try somewhere new that's preferably not so busy!

How are Clinton St Baking Co (I've tried to go before but there always seems to be a long wait... is it worth it?), Public, and Essex?

I'd really appreciate any other suggestions too! Thanks!

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  1. Clinton St. Baking Co. is great and worth the wait. Public is OK-good. I didn't like Essex. Some others I like: 9th St. Market, Deborah, good, Morandi, Five Points, 'ino/'inoteca, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Cornelia St. Cafe, August, Westville... If you do a search for brunch you'll find plenty of other posts as well.

      1. Petite Abeille on 20th & 1st. Particularly in the nice weather when they have a nice outdoor area.

        1. I love the brunch at The Smith (same people behind Jane). Per Lucia's post, I second: good, August and Morandi.

          1. Some of the BR Guests restaurants have good brunches. I used to go to Dos Caminos and Blue Water Grill regularly. I particularly like that you get an alcoholic drink or fruit drink AND coffee or tea with your meal.