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Feb 8, 2008 03:14 PM

Breakfast near Westside Pavillion?

Howdy hounds,

Looking for a breakfast idea tomorrow morning near the Westside Pavillion, before a matinee, and the heart sinks at the thought of Juniors. Anything that's good and not totally mobbed at around 10?

Appreciate it, as ever.

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  1. John O'Groats usually gets mobbed by 8AM, but the wait is not long usually before then...

    John O'Groats
    10516 Pico Bl.
    LA, CA 90064
    (310) 204-0692

    1. John O'Groats is the best but it is likely to be mobbed.

      1. La Seranada ( great omlettes with a spanish flare), John O'Groats (go early; american), Bread & Porridge (trendy and crowded). Not totally mobbed at 10: I vote for La Serenada

        1. Colony Cafe on Pico just West of Westwood...I like it a lot. Great menu.

          1. We had breakfast at La Serenata for the first time last weekend and thought it was really fine: good pancakes and waffles, huevos in bunches of variations, aguas frescas, chocolate & atole among the drinks. 9am-3pm Sa-Su.

            Jack Sprat's makes a good breakfast too, including crispy waffles and some interesting egg dishes.

            A bit further away, we are always happy with breakfast at the Rancho Park Golf Course--cash only.

            John O'Groats is great, but yes it will be crowded at 10am.

            We haven't found the food at Colony Cafe to be all that special, but the smoothies at Papa's Porch next door are among the best in town.

            There's always Norm's, just down the block.

            Worst choice: Kay & Dave's.--bad food, bad (albeit friendly) service.