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Feb 8, 2008 03:02 PM

Need loud and fun for friend who got dumped

Our friend a 35 year old hip girl just got dumped by her boyfriend. We need a fun, loud place to have dinner. Below 34th street. For tonight the scene is more important than the food. Does not have to be trendy but should be fun and booze oriented. We will not have a reservation and can wait up to an hour for a table.

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  1. Well, at least she's got good friends like you to help boost her spirits. :-) Your screen name brings to mind Hill Country. The food's good, you can get plenty of alcoholic refreshment there, it's big and bustling, there's probably live music, and they don't even take reservations. If you have to wait, you can start your boozing at the bar.

    I hope your friend recovers quickly and finds someone else who will appreciate her.

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    1. re: RGR

      RGR - took your advice and we headed over to Hill Country. 30 min wait for a table. I ordered some shots of Patron. The bartender recommended another Tequila that was 1/2 the price and even smoother. He was right excellent advice. Also, if you are at the bar at the top of every hour they hand out free shots to everyone. We were seated and had great Beef Ribs and Beef Shoulder. We all had a great time and she was not the least bit said or down. The place served its purpose beautifully.

      1. re: princeofpork

        Thanks for reporting back, prince. (Or should that be "porky"? lol) I'm really glad Hill Country turned out to be the right choice, and your friend did not spend the evening crying into her Tequila. :-))

    2. What about Centro vinoteca? You can sit at the bar and there's pretty loud music, but not loud that you can't speak. The food is good and the quartinos of wine are perfect. You could try Otto at the bar also.

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        Dos Caminos is fun and good maragritas. Park and 27th.

      2. I'm too late for THIS breakup, but for your future loud/fun needs, I recommend Rodeo Bar on 3rd & 27th. Country (usually) music, decent Mexican-esque food (the quesadillas are very good), peanut shells on the floor, and lady bartenders happy to commiserate with the recently wounded.