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Feb 8, 2008 02:30 PM

Granite City Brunch in Omaha

As a rule I avoid buffets like the plague. "How unAmerican," my husband remarks. But can you blame me, the majority of buffets are stocked with cheap meat, lots of bland fillers and a lack of individuality. Not to mention, the inability to keep foods at the right temperature for extended periods of time and lots of other people touching my food. Given the choice, I would always choose a smaller portion of great food over a larger portion of mediocre consumption and that, apparently is "unAmerican".

I now have an exception. I do love brunch at Granite City.

It was simple, clean and delicious. Great flavor was only exceeded by the exceptional quality of the food and shockingly, it was all temped just right. I especially like how they pull the majority of their standard menu on Sundays so that their cooks can prepare for brunch.

Plus, what other buffet lets you take the cinnamon rolls home. Yes, that's right, while you're eating your food from the line, they bring fresh hot caramel rolls to your table, which you get to take home, you don't have to eat it there. What a brilliant concept.

So when the in-laws come to visit, we're taking them to brunch at Granite City.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I too generally avoid buffets but my boyfriend LOVES a good brunch buffet so we're always on the look out. I haven't been to the Granite City in Omaha yet but used to go to the one in Sioux Falls SD on occasion (GC is a small midwest chain and this was near where we went to college) and I thought their food was pretty good. We'll definitely have to check out the brunch. Do you know what the hours are?

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