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Feb 8, 2008 02:29 PM

where to buy game

Hello i'm new to San Francisco and want to know of a good butcher. I want somewhere that sells any or all of these: buffalo, venison, rabbit, duck, etc.

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    1. Polarica sells "exotic" meats of all sorts.

      105 Quint St, San Francisco, CA

      1. Whole Foods sells buffalo

        1. Bryan's butcher counter in Laurel Village (California at Laurel, San Francisco) has fresh Sonoma rabbit, poussin, (previously frozen?) guinea fowl, great fish that is all edible raw, good meat. They can probably order anything given advance notice.

          Falleti Food's butcher (Broderick between Oak and Fell, San Francisco) counter stocks some cuts of buffalo and a nice selection of grass fed beef from Argentina plus the usual items. They can order venison loins, which will be the same thing anyone in town will order for you--New Zealand venison from probably the same company. Falleti's butchers are very friendly, the kind who will gladly sell you fresh sausage casings and might throw in some pork fat for free if you're making a piggy sausage.

          Polarica is good for the exotic stuff: turtle, odds and ends of big game, pheasant, foie gras, etc. It's mainly a restaurant supply company, but they have a warehouse down in the food wholesale area (southeast SF along 101 near 280) and you can submit an order and then go pick it up. Caviar and other exotic items are available here too.