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Feb 8, 2008 02:29 PM

Brunswick, Maine

Taking my daughter to vist Bowdoin in a couple of weeks. Looking for dinner one night and lunch the next day. Nothing fancy, just some good food. Thanks

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  1. Try The Great Impasta on Maine Street in Brunswick. Good Italian.

    1. El Camino, very good Cal/Mex food, emphasis on local/fresh ingredients.

      Bombay Mahal, good Indian

      For lunch, 111 Maine ("upscale" sandwiches)

      El Camino Restaurant
      15 Cushing St, Brunswick, ME 04011

      Bombay Mahal
      99 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

      111 Maine - Cafe | Catering
      111 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME

      1. Lunch: Sweet Leaves Tea House: on Pleasant St., next to the post office

        Dinner: Back Street Bistro, tucked behind Maine St. near the fire department

        Either: Frontier Cafe, in Fort Andros

        Google them--all three have web sites.

        1. Brunswick is a great college town. Bring your ice skates and you can skate in the village green.

          Great Impasta is just not good, and we've always found Shere Punjab better than Bombay Mahal for Indian, although neither is worth writing home about.

          Sweet Leaves IS really good, as is El Camino. Both emphasize fresh local ingredients, and both are closed Sunday and Monday. I'd send any out-of-towner to either place.

          If you don't live in New England, try Morse's Drive-in for absolutely prototypical clam/lobster shack food -- I've had pretty good fried whole clams there. Maybe it's the season, but the clams were better than Fat Boy's (which is closed for the winter).

          If you're around in the morning, go to Frosty's for doughnuts. Ignore the religious tracts and try the Boston creams.