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Reasonably priced omakase west hollywood or surrounding area

I'm looking for a reasonably priced place to go for Omakase. I live in West Hollywood, but I'm willing to travel a bit, as long as it isn't too far. Anything less than $100 would be great. I'll be going on a Monday. Thanks so much!

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  1. If Westwood isn't too far, try searching the board for Sushi Masu.

    Sushi Masu
    1911 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

    1. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the Omakase at Sushi Roki in Hollywood. $85/per Make sure you get Jiro (sp?) as your sushi chef.

      1. Jinpachi on Santa Monica Blvd. Omakase starts at $60 and up.
        Hirozen (beverly? it's been a while since I have been)
        Gonpachi on La Cienega in the Sushi Room if you sit with Nobu, $90
        Ike on Sunset and Gower
        BTW, it's usually acceptable to ask to order omakase and give a budget.

        1. If you are a sushi snob, like me....you must go to Echigo on Santa Monica Blvd just west of Bundy. It's on the second floor in a strip mall...best quality fish. Also, try Sushi Zo, can't remember if it is on Palms or Overland. Also in a little strip mall, but go! Zo is a little more expensive then Echigo, but very fresh and delicious. My favorite spot is Sushi Spot in Tarzana. If you are in the area...go! They have 2 omakase options, one is only $32. By far the best value. We always order a la carte. Try anything, and you will return. we drive out there from Venice Beach!!

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            I enthusiastically second Sushi Zo. I'm pretty sure when we went that our tab was less than $100 each including sake, tax and tip.

          2. I'd say Hirozen on Beverly near Kings Road Cafe.

            1. Sushi sasabune will charge you based on how much you eat, but last time mine was $98 after tax and tips

              1. Omakase at Katsu-ya studio city is only $48! I've never ordered omakase there but it is one of my favorite sushi spots and I can't see it being anything but excellent.

                It's $90 at the Hollywood location, which still isn't bad but I'm guessing you'll get the exact same food at Studio City for about half the price

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                  actually, the hollywood/brentwood locations are diff from the encino/studio city locations... same group, but the h/b locats are trendy but are lacking in the food area, and the latter are the original lacking in atmosphere but offering good food (menus are pretty much the same except that the original locations have better quality for lower prices)

                2. Not really sure of what you mean by "reasonably priced" or if it's ever a good idea to order omakase on a first visit, but my choice in the WeHo/Hollywood area is Sushi Ike.

                  1. I've only been once, and didn't order omakase, but I was impressed by Azami on Melrose near La Brea, and the prices were pretty reasonable.

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                      When I go tot Azami I always order the omakase. Its very very good always very fresh always a good variety of items. They usually give you more than just Sushi as well. I find that it ranges in price from 38 which the menu states to more like 48 or 50 something.

                      I'm going there on Saturday and will definitely be having Omakase again.

                    2. Thanks to everyone who responded. I certainly have a lot of places to try. I ended up going to Hirozen - Gourmet Market (such a strange name), which was amazing. Got a little nervous when we walked up and only the "G" was lit on the sign, but I shouldn't have worried. What it lacked in atmosphere it totally made up in food quality. They have a $48 omakase, but the food was so good we forgot ourselves and kept asking for more. All told it was $170 including two bottles of saki, which while not cheap is not bad eithere considering we ate a LOT of sushi. I think the $48 is for 12 pieces. Really delicious fresh fish.

                      I also heard good things about Asame omakase, but they are closed on Mondays. Next time.

                      This was my first omakase experience, so I don't have much point of comparison, but I promise you I'm going to be trying all these places now. If they are anywhere near as good, I'm hooked for life.


                      1. i went to Azami on sat night. $48 for the omakase and had 10 different sushi offerings. i thought it was a heck of a deal. sushi was pretty good as well.
                        i have a question though, are you supposed to tip the sushi chef seperately when sitting at the sushi bar or can you just include it in the check? does the normal 15-20% rule still apply??

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                          i don't tip any differently when sitting at the sushi bar, at azami or elsewhere. i'm not sure but perhaps the chefs get a portion of the tip pool at the end of the night? fyi at azami, 2 out of the 3 chefs are also the co-owners.