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Feb 8, 2008 02:15 PM

Sushi in Downtown

Hi ....a friend's birthday is coming up next weekend and she wants to find a sushi place in the downtown area. After doing a little searching on here, R23 & Sushi Gen sound like places I want to try but might be a bit expensive for our group. Something moderately priced and that takes reservations would be perfect. Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. It might not be in downtown, but on Colorado in Pasadena, there is a GREAT sushi place called A-Float Sushi. My husband has been addicted and he recently took me there. You know a place is good when the wait is 45 minutes and the sushi bar is packed! I don't know if they take reservations, but it was so good.

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      During prime time afloat sushi is ok. During slow times don't go there.

      SushiGen will be expensive as balls, although I believe they have some type of sushi/sashimi lunch special?

      I'd recommend Roy's. You all can get the sushi bento box for 20 a head, and it has a nice environment for a birthday.

    2. Get a table at Sushi Gen and order somethinbg off the dinner menu. It is much much cheaper then the sushi bar. They have a sashmi plate that is really good.

      1. I don't recommend sushi on weekends in L.A., but if you insist, try.....

        Sushi Go 55
        333 S. Alameda St., #317
        LA, CA 90013
        (213) 687-0777

        1. R23 is too expensive, in my experience. Gorgeous setting and very good food, but I prefer Sushi Gen on the whole. I think it's quite reasonable for what you get.

          I would suggest staying away from Afloat Sushi (not that it's really close to downtown). It's typical kaitenzushi (conveyor belt) that happens to be on boats instead of a belt. Cute, edible, but average sushi at best.

          If you or your group are sushi snobs (and I mean that in the best way possible), go to Sushi Gen. You will not be disappointed. They do not take reservations, however. You need to put your name in and wait. And wait.

          If you guys are more interest in company and ease than the food, but still would like decent sushi, you can go right across the street to the new place on the SW corner of 2nd and San Pedro, just south of Kokkekoko. It used to be Hamakawa, but it's now another sushi place that I'm sure will be easier to get into and have decent food.

          Good luck.