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Feb 8, 2008 01:50 PM

Live Nudes & Lunch

I often find myself in one of the Southland's (topless/nude) gentlemen's clubs around noon. Several of the ones I patronize offer lunch among other things, but I've yet to find any as beguiling as a three-song lap. Do any of you have a secret fave with decent lunch? I'm serious.

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  1. back in college (circa 2000) i went to the wild goose for lunch once. dirt cheap. something like $10 for a full rack of so-so babyback ribs with all the fixings.

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      It's been a while, but I second the Wild Goose on Aviation. Lunch is very cheap, PLUS TWO for ONE drinks before 11:30 (at least it used to be 2 4 1).

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        I went to the Wild Goose for lunch a few times in the early 70's while with Hughes Aircraft Co. and still recall the naked girl in the glass bathtub up on stage and the prime rib and baked potato lunch that went along with her very "clean" routine. Who knew sponges, washcloths and scrub brushes could be so interesting.

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          Ahh, the good old days. This ex-HAC employee went to a few Friday noon 'safety' meetings at the WG. The food was surprisingly good for cafeteria style. I took it as a good sign that I-105 construction bulldozed the cheezy motels on the corner just north but spared The Goose.

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        1. sams hofbrau downtown
          plan b on the westside

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            Is it just me or does it always smell like fried chicken inside of Sams?

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