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Feb 8, 2008 01:22 PM

zoe's vintage kitchen - atlantic highlands

hi all

I thought there was a post about Zoe's Vintage Kitchen in Atlantic Highlands somewhere, but now I can't find it.

We went to breakfast at Zoe's last weekend (my husband, 17 month old son and I). I was so disappointed!

The decor was just adorable, very well done, kitchy without being cluttered or over the top. Unfortunately that's the only nice thing I can say.

There were two young women waitresses, and I didn't see either of them smile the entire time we were there. I watched them hand-press orange juice orange after orange, they looked like they were going to keel over from boredom.

Half of our food was cold and it took a long time to come out (though with a 17 month old in attendance, "a long time" is relative!). All I know is that the people who came in after us got served before us, and that's always frustrating.

The hash browns had absolutely no spices...they tasted like plain chopped up potatoes.

As I walked out, I peeked in the kitchen, and it looked like there wasn't anybody over the age of 18 working there...I wondered if the owners were away or something?

Anyone else have a better experience? I really hope so, we want to go back because the place is so darn cute and we love going out to breakfast.


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  1. My family (kids included) love Zoe's. Never had a bad meal there and have had them make large salad trays for family events. Zoe's has a devoted local following (Sat and Sunday a.m.) and the Atlantic Highlands Elementary school staff regularly fax in their lunch orders. Give them another shot(or two). Now, as you noted, they are not the fastest in the world as they cook to order, you might try faxing in your order in advance if you have the little one with you.

    1. Hi, sorry about adding my two cents two months later. My husband and I live near Zoe's and have eaten there on a few occasions and had gotten take out. Yes, the service is a bit laid back but if you can, call ahead and place your order. My husband tends to favor food on the plain side so I do agree with you, it isn't exactly exotic food but generally, seemed fresh and tasty. I would say give it another change although you may want to venture to Bobo's 33 on First Ave. in Atlantic Highlands (maybe without your little one) or maybe go into Highlands for Chilangos (Bay Avenue) or Andretta's (also on Bay).

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        Bobo's 33 closed back in October and was replaced by the 4th Quarter Sports Tavern.

      2. thanks for the feedback folks, we are definitely going to give it a second chance, I loved the atmosphere :)

        I was so sad that Bobo's 33 closed! We drove up there for our anniversary and found it turned into a sports bar (not so romantic!)