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X + Y = ?

You've done it a million times from powdered onion soup + mayo = Superbowl dip to canned orange + canned cranberry sauce = thanksgiving relish.
What two or more pre-made products do you combine to make a dish - or side dish.
Another mayo fave of mine is:
Mayo + Gold's Horseradish (the red one) = a bright pink hot creamy dressing for roast beef sandwiches.

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  1. (butter + honey + pinch salt) X whipped-with-a-hand-mixer = delicious spread for cornbread

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      Yum - I make cornbread pretty often - I will definitely try this next time.

    2. does velveeta and rotel count?

      1. Bagged salad + Tyson chicken fingers + red pepper vinagrette = healthy dinner when I don't feel like cooking.

        1. Cream cheese + salsa + 10 seconds in the microwave = YUM with baked potatoes, chips, or just about anything else that doesn't run away from me.

          Mayo + ketchup + sweet pickle relish = Thousand Island dressing in a pinch

          Peanut butter + honey = great spread for toast

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            mayo + ketchup + mustard + chopped pickles (ok, a little work's involved) = awesome burger sauce... almost resembling the BigMac sauce.

            sour cream or creme fraiche + horseradish = perfect sauce for roast beef

          2. 1 can Rotel + 1/2 can El Pato = my favorite quick salsa

            (great topic!)