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Cozy little wine bar with food

Anywhere me and my honey can duck in after work for unwinding - cozy, dark, decent food, not too pricey or fancy? Neighborhood doesn't really matter...like East Village or UES

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  1. I've been reading some good things about Uva, and my husband was by there the other day and said it looked appealing.

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        Uva is very nice and has great food but I wouldn't call it cozy or little. And if you're there during prime time it's quite loud and crowded.

        For cozy and little, head farther up 2nd Ave to Cavatappo Wine Bar (at 90th). Same owners as Luca on 1st Ave, so that's where the food comes from.


      2. Might not be a cozy and dark as you'd like but we used to go to Sharz on E 86th nice wine selection and good food http://www.sharzcafe.com/

        1. Not dark but Blue Fin is a nice wine and cheese (and other small edibles) place where you can either sit at the bar or on those high stools with a round table for your light fare.
          There is also a restaurant in the back for more stable food.

          1. Bar at Etats Unis...81st & 2nd ave...a small gem...

              1. I love Bar Veloce in the East Village. They have a nice selection of wines, and great Italian pressed sandwiches in many flavors, vegetarian or for meat-lovers. I recommended this to a friend for her birthday the other day and she was ecstatic about it. A little skinny spacy so not great for large groups, but for just two people, you can't miss.

                Bar Veloce
                175 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

                1. It's not in those neighborhoods exactly but Epistrophy (Mott nr Spring, Nolita) is ideal. (More ideal in the spring/summer though, when they open up the windows and put tables outside.)

                  1. Xicala, located on the border of Nolita and Chinatown: http://www.xicala.com/1.html

                    The Creek Bar isn't a wine bar but has wine. It's under Eight Mile Creek on Mulberry between Prince and Spring and one of the coziest places (former best-kept secret?) we've been to in Manhattan. Reminds me of Paris. They even have a garden tucked away in the back. http://www.eightmilecreek.com/bar/ind...

                    Also cozy and charming is Kemia under Marseilles in the theatre district. Again not a wine bar but the perfect place to cuddle up and nibble on chips and hummus with a loved one. When you walk down the stairs, you feel like you're entering a very exotic place. The Kemia house drink is delicious. http://www.kemiabarny.com/

                    1. TURKS & FROGS or ARA in the west village/meatpacking.

                      1. Has anyone here tried Pudding Stone in the UES? The wine list on their website is extensive and interesting, as is the food menu. http://puddingstoneswinebar.com/main....

                        We went to the one that just opened in the UWS. We had a great time - awesome cheese selections, very knowledgeable bartenders and fantastic wine list- but it's only a couple of weeks old and I want to revisit it in a month or two before I post an opinion on it.

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                        1. As a cozy little wine bar lover, I would highly recommend Il Posto Accanto in the East Vllg - tree branches cover the ceiling, heavy wood tables all lite by candle light, dripping wax... and the food is absolutely fantastic - very rustic yet cozy and intimate ambiance