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Feb 8, 2008 12:34 PM

Citrus at Social @ Hollywood?

Anyone heard of this place and the buzz about it? Michel Richard is the chef and they are opening tonight. Any hounder adventuring there tonight? :-)

I just read about it today

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  1. I'm curious too. Has anyone tried

    1. It isn't open to the public until Wed, Feb 13

        1. The food's great, but so far the service is a disaster. I thought maybe this was because it was "new" but it turns out that most of the staff is from the original Social Hollywood restaurant--so I can't figure out why they have trouble with so many truly basic tasks, like wiping away the previous customer's goop from the tabletops before sitting a new guest, not replacing or offering fresh silverware, serving the wrong drinks, etc. But OMG, the mosaic carpaccio--delicious.

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            The lobster,poached egg,couscous,squid ink dish served in a caviar tin is sheer genius.Eat at the small bar.Bartender was on top of things,making some lovely cocktails -the one with effen cherry vodka, lime, muddled white grapes and basil was terrific.

            1. re: melangeinc

              wow. That sounds cool. Does the dish include caviar -- or just in the tin?

              1. re: bite bite

                no caviar - just black couscous -can't stop thinking about that dish

              2. re: melangeinc

                I was there tonight, I had the caviar like tin with the lobster. It was flat out awesome! There was no actual caviar but it sure looked like caviar. The other dishes were good but the highlight was the souffle for dessert. It came with carmel sauce and vanilla Ice cream, there were some other nuts on the plate but the souffle itself stole the show.
                The service was right on and attentive (dropped a napkin, it was replaced with a new one quickly), though the room had only about 30 people in it, the room itself is beautiful. The only issue is the bill after the meal! Holy $hnikes, 2 of us paid $235 with drinks and tip...Need to save up I guess...

                1. re: tastevin

                  Pricey. Mind sharing how the bill broke down percentage-wise -- wine/drinks vs food?

            2. It is an interesting pair: Social = loud, no service (unless you drop big cash on the drinks), and lots of pseudo attitude. Citrus (original) = Memorable food, friendly service, fantastic chef, fantastic (Latin) chef de cuisine, great ambiance.
              Now, the only thing in common = good people watching.