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Citrus at Social @ Hollywood?

Anyone heard of this place and the buzz about it? Michel Richard is the chef and they are opening tonight. Any hounder adventuring there tonight? :-)

I just read about it today http://laist.com/2008/02/08/citrus_at...

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  1. I'm curious too. Has anyone tried

    1. It isn't open to the public until Wed, Feb 13

        1. The food's great, but so far the service is a disaster. I thought maybe this was because it was "new" but it turns out that most of the staff is from the original Social Hollywood restaurant--so I can't figure out why they have trouble with so many truly basic tasks, like wiping away the previous customer's goop from the tabletops before sitting a new guest, not replacing or offering fresh silverware, serving the wrong drinks, etc. But OMG, the mosaic carpaccio--delicious.

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            The lobster,poached egg,couscous,squid ink dish served in a caviar tin is sheer genius.Eat at the small bar.Bartender was on top of things,making some lovely cocktails -the one with effen cherry vodka, lime, muddled white grapes and basil was terrific.

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              wow. That sounds cool. Does the dish include caviar -- or just in the tin?

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                no caviar - just black couscous -can't stop thinking about that dish

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                I was there tonight, I had the caviar like tin with the lobster. It was flat out awesome! There was no actual caviar but it sure looked like caviar. The other dishes were good but the highlight was the souffle for dessert. It came with carmel sauce and vanilla Ice cream, there were some other nuts on the plate but the souffle itself stole the show.
                The service was right on and attentive (dropped a napkin, it was replaced with a new one quickly), though the room had only about 30 people in it, the room itself is beautiful. The only issue is the bill after the meal! Holy $hnikes, 2 of us paid $235 with drinks and tip...Need to save up I guess...

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                  Pricey. Mind sharing how the bill broke down percentage-wise -- wine/drinks vs food?

            2. It is an interesting pair: Social = loud, no service (unless you drop big cash on the drinks), and lots of pseudo attitude. Citrus (original) = Memorable food, friendly service, fantastic chef, fantastic (Latin) chef de cuisine, great ambiance.
              Now, the only thing in common = good people watching.

              1. Went to Citrus Friday night...they definitely got the service down and the food was fabulous! We started with a drink at the bar - I had the muddled grape & basil with cherry vodka martini; it was SO YUMMY and refreshing. The bartender was awesome - gave us a run down on the menu and lots of recomendations.

                Once seated at our intimate table in the gorgeous dining room, a server came right over - we ordered a bottle of Bordeaux and the onion tart with salmon to start. Both came out in a timely manner and were very good. I forgot to mention the warm and crusty bread was very delicious and hard to stop eating!

                For starters, we got the "Mosiac" and Goat Cheese Ceasar salad. Both were AMAZING! For entrees, I had the monkfish and BF had the 72 hour short ribs with the best fries ever - cooked in clarified butter. The monkfish was good (although I think I liked the monkfish I had the week before at Hungry Cat), the Short Ribs were great.

                We skipped dessert and headed to the Social Hollywood bar for a drink/nightcap after dinner. Other than the adsurd $10 valet parking fee, I would definitely go back.

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                  I can't find the menu anywhere online! It doesn't come up on their webpage. Can anyone give a general breakdown of cost for apps, entrees, etc?

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                    I couldn't find the menu online either -- it's definitely an interesting menu (and on the expensive side). Starters are $15-$20 and entrees in the $30-$40 range (I think the lobster on the entree menu was $44). Drinks/specialty cocktails were $13. The wine list was varied ranging from $40 and up.

                    Our bill came to $190 without tip and the pre-dinner cocktails (that we paid for at the bar).

                2. I really like Citrus. The food is very tasty and fun. The menu has a good selection. Everything from the Mosaic, which is carpaccio of ahi, beef tenderloin, scallop, salmon and persimmon in a gorgeous presentation to their 72 hour shortribs, which are boneless and very tender and served with pommes frites cooked in clarified butter. As Rachel Ray would say Yummo!!!

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                    Is Citrus in place of the Moroccan restaurant or in addition to it?

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                      It replaced the Moroccan restaurant.

                  2. I ate there on Monday. It is hard to say whether the food or the service was worse. The gougers we ordered at 8:15 with a bottle of Champagne arrived at 9:30, with the first course. My frisee salad was uninspired at best, and the short ribs were barely edible. And this occurred with the restaurant only half full and Michel Richard eating at a table ten yards away. The room, however, is beautiful, so if looking is more important than eating, this is the place to go.

                    1. Way more hype than good. Very playful, cool, interesting, great service....but it's a scene not a true foodie destination. The fries in butter actually made my chef dining companion kinda ill

                      Check out my full review at http://foodandwineblog.thefoodietrave...

                      1. Ate there last week - very good. Looking forward to a return visit. Service was fine and friendly. As mentioned here, the mosaic carpaccio looks great and the scallop really pops (creamy and sweet). I will order that again. The french fries were terrific.

                        I'd pass on the cheese puffs (or whatever they call them). They taste like cheese flavored tiny popovers. Not bad, but not special. And I make tastier cheese popovers.

                        And what a great room!

                        1. Finally ate at Citrus at Social on Friday night, and I must admit it was more than worth the wait. While last week I ate again at Luques (rated #1 in a recent Los Angeles Magazine), I definitely had a better meal all-around at Citrus - in fact, it was the best meal I've had all year! For starters, the room itself is one of the most beautiful and romantic in all of LA - the vaulted ceilings, the colorful chairs/banquettes, the bar, the crowd. And the food! I started with the Mosaic Carpaccio - quite simply, a work of art, featuring precision-cut slices of beef, tuna, salmon, and more, arfully arranged with sauce and microgreens to resemble a watercolor painting. Tasted as good as it looked and generous portion. My main dish was Lobster Fennel - another very generous portion of perfectly cooked lobster tail atop carmelized fennel, fava beans, and roasted tomato with lobster jus - the most sublime lobster dish I've had in years. My friend raved about his dishes as well: the potent composed goat-cheese Caesar studded with what tasted like Roquefort - and his main dish of Roasted Chicken with Tater Tots was, as he put it, "one of the best chicken dishes I've ever had!" - needless to say, we both cleaned out plates. Dessert was inspired and whimsical: a playful chocolate vacherin "mushroom" with rich ice cream inside on a pool of pistachio sauce - it looked like a cartoon sculpture come to life, but again, tasted as good as it was visually inventive. Our table was a bit pushed in back with not much of a view, but that's cause we are lucky to snag a last-minute table on Friday night. The bill with drinks (strong martinis!) came to about $100 each, which isn't bad considering the level of cooking, craft, service, and decor. I would def go back. This is a new destination restaurant in LA that compares favorable with the old 80s/90s Citrus on Melrose, which I adored.