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Feb 8, 2008 12:30 PM

Dinner at the Wine Market in Baltimore?

I will be dining with a group of friends at the Wine Market restaurant in Baltimore and would like to hear from others about what to expect.

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  1. I'd be curious to know what your experience was Ichabod. I just got back from The Wine Market and it was terrible and it cost a fortune. Specifically i had the Cod over clams/mussels and beans. The food was cold. The clams tasted like play-doh (I had to spit it out) and the olive cracker was so burned on one side that it was bitter and inedible. My friend had the lamb burger and afterwards felt that it was "awful". We sent back out plates half eaten. Meanwhile the atmosphere doesn't help. It's dark and loud and the chairs are uncomfortable.

    This wasn't my first visit to the Wine Market but probably my last. It keeps getting more crowded and more expensive and the food keeps getting worse. I'd rather go to Cafe Hon.

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      You might try Junior's Wine Bar over on Charles Street. there have been a few questions about its consistency, although in my experience it's been fine. Regardless, it's very reasonably priced, so even if you don't like it you won't be out a fortune.

      I like Wine Market for their excellent happy hour deals, but it never really occurred to me to go there for dinner. Nothing sounded particularly interesting. I do buy wine there to take home though.

      It sounds like if I'd had your experience I would have complained to a manager. Did you do that?

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        Usually I do complain but last night I just didn't have the energy which I regret. I was really hungry and couldn't bear the fuss and the wait. I was trying for once not to be a pain in the ass!

        I'll check out Junior's for something new. Thanks for the suggestion.

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        You know the food must have been terrible for you to want to go to the Hon instead!

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          Well, if you prefer the level of Cafe Hon food then perhaps Wine Market isn't the right fit for you.

          Went to Wine Market a couple of months ago and had a very nice dinner. Can't say it was remarkable because I don't recall any particular dish but they were all done well, served hot and showed a lot of care on the part of the chef.

          One thing we noticed about the chef is his enthusiasm and attention to detail. We had the opportunity to chat a bit with him and found it quite interesting that he explores the "molecular" techniques pioneered by Adria, Dufresne and Achatz, combining them into some dishes without the level of theatrics found at those other places. He said it was about finding a balance between the experimental and the down home preferences of the home audience.

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            You're obviously a fan and I appreciate your description of the chef though the chef you're describing would never have approved of the meal that I was served that night, I hope. Maybe it was his night off... About the cafe hon thing - It's really great for a tuna melt but if you're going out for a nice dinner and you walk out wishing you had gone for a tuna melt... well you get my point. I ate a lot at The Wine Market when it first opened and it was very good then.(recall the gazpacho!)

        2. Does Wine Market still have the happy hour deals?

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          1. We used to go to the wine market but have been disappointed the past few times we've been. The food was decent, but not great. We now go to Nasu Blanca for a nice meal.

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              Good luck. They closed down two weeks ago.

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                The chef at the Wine Market moved to Ireland about a month ago.

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                  I had lunch there yesterday with two friends. A turky ruebin, cubano and powerhouse sandwichs. A little pricey and questionable bread chooses but good sandwhiches none-the-less. The sweet potatoe fres were too salty.