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Feb 8, 2008 12:09 PM
Discussion Ten Years Ago

Anybody other than Jim Leff remember ten years ago when looked like this?

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  1. I started looking at CH in '99 for sure, maybe a little earlier. Read mention of it in a few different publications & finally looked it up. It was a labor of love to work through the threads back then. Much easier to search through now! I didn't start posting for years - didn't have that reliable of computer access or internet access for some time. But always appreciated the tips I gained from the posters over the years. Thanks ya'll!

    1. I certainly remember those days. The boards were harder to read and it was hard to keep tabs on new post but looking at the old format brings back a sense of nostalgia and I can't help but think things were a little bit better then again, time plays tricks on our memories...

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      1. Remember and miss it.
        Something to be said for lean & clean.

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        1. re: HillJ

          Agreed. Loved the old interface.

        2. Wow. The Midwest was lumped into "Elsewhere in America" along with LA, San Francisco and well, everywhere else (and we now complain that that the Midwest is too broad...) and there's exactly one thread re: the Twin Cities.

          I'm gratified to see some names I recognize.



          1. Sure, and it didn't look very different from that until just a few years ago.