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Feb 8, 2008 12:08 PM

Inexpensive dinner suggestion requested in the Don Mills--Yorkmills Rd area. Please

Not Cooking tonight, Got to get out.
I am looking for something inexpensive, out of the ordinary and even off the beaten track for tonight Friday. Thanks Hounds

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  1. Off the beaten track at Don Mills/York Mills is pretty hard to do. I'd recommend Island Foods for a solid West Indian experience.

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    1. re: Late Blooming Onion

      Thanks LBO. I've passed by there on the way to and from work. What's your best recommendation there? Do you know their hours of operation off hand?

      1. re: fruglescot

        I only get the rotis there. I haven't gotten past that, it's so good. Either chicken is great. I love the dark meat but it has bones in it and sometimes I don't feel like picking the bones out.


    2. I've heard good things about High Street Fish and Chips on Underhill, though I have never been (I'm not sure if this really qualifies as "out of the ordinary" but thought I'd suggest it anyway...)

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      1. re: torontofoodiegirl

        You're right about High street F&C. I've eaten there and would and have recommended it. A chippy where you can get an ale with your meal is always appealing to me. Btw they fry in non transfat oils.

      2. Le Cafe Michi was started by Kaji-san.
        Fredricks is a generous Hakka place at Ellesmere and Bellamy. (N.E.)
        There are good Chinese places in the Glen Watford complex, off Shepherd.

        Le Cafe Michi
        1802 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON M1T1H6, CA

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        1. re: jayt90

          Le Cafe Michi is not too far from my DVP and York Mills Rd location jayt90
          What type of food do they serve there if you don't mind me asking? It sounds French.

          1. re: fruglescot

            They serve sushi, fruglescot, in spite of the French name.

            1. re: fruglescot

              It's Japanese, but may be fusion for all I know. It created a buzz on these boards when Kaji was doing lunches there. I haven't been there.
              But I have been to Aoyama Sushi; it is superb, half the price of some downtown competitors, and there are some non sushi items available. Endo-san did 17 years as sushi chef at the Prince before the new owners turfed staff. His wife Caroline runs the front of the house and she is a wonderful hostess.

              2766 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M2J4A8, CA

              1. re: jayt90

                I am not familiar with sushi but I 'm willing to try it. What would you recommend for a novice like me, if I might ask?
                I'm not a fussy eater.
                Fire away with your suggestions

                1. re: fruglescot

                  Omakase. That's chef's choice, choose your price point. They have selections ranging from about $30 to $70, so $45 would be a good intro. I would suggest calling, to see what they can do, if they are not swamped tonight. It is after all, a made-over pizza place, with 6 or 7 tables and a sushi bar. Here is good review:

            2. re: jayt90

              does anyone know if either of the japanese places are cosy at all - or know of places in the same area that one would consider cosy/loungy???

            3. Thanks for your detailed information jayt90 sounds facinating, however, I think I'll save your recommendation for a more formal night out with the GF. Tonight I'm on my own and in a casual mood so I would like to opt for something much less expensive yet still unique. My search continues.

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              1. re: fruglescot

                I know I'm late, but for future times you can try the Middle Eastern place in the plaza on York Mills, and a place called Casa Manila where you pick out your choices at the hot table - very casual.

                1. re: Wiley

                  Are you referring to the Iranian restaurant in the plaza across from the Prince Hotel?
                  How did you find the food in Casa Manila?

                  1. re: fruglescot

                    Casa Manila is filippino food. I found they had some interesting sauces but everything was quite fatty and there's not much veggie matter in sight. Typical of filippino food, but I didn't care for it. However, the owner offered me samples of every dish on the hot table to help me decide which ones to try. A very nice touch.

                    Of the dishes I tried, I liked the Chicken Adobo best.

                    1. re: fruglescot

                      Yes, the Iranian in the small plaza - heard it's very good,-- what I had wasn't great, but I think I just picked an uninspired dish..Also, at the Casa Manila, they have pork roasts with crackling that you can buy whole (they're small, about $9) as is or they'll chop 'em up for you. mmm good..