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Feb 8, 2008 12:05 PM

reasonably priced italian east 50-70's

Need to take a large group to dinner before a show at the Kaye Playhouse. Folks have suggested Za Za, Care Buon Gusto and/or Due. Which would you choose or perhaps another suggestion in the vicinity?

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  1. De Grezia is very good. Nanni's is a bit more south, in the 40's and great as well.

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    1. re: 180macd

      Da Grezia's okay. You should also look into Luna Piena on 53rd near 2nd. I've only been to DG once and LP probably at least 20 in the last few years. My preference is LP.

      Cafe Buon Gusto has opened and closed so many times in the last two years, I can't keep up with it. I don't recommend it, for that reason alone.

      1. re: egit

        Luna Piena has been gutted for "renovations". There are notes from the management as of Jan 27. Don't know if they're really coming back or not. I'll miss them.

        1. re: Jane A.

          Oh no! That's awful news. I'd be surprised if they went out of business, since the place seemed to have a lot of people in there on a regular basis.

          Fingers crossed.

    2. Za Za is great in the warmer months when you can take advantage of the excellent garden space.

      I'd recommended Zucchero e Pomodori on 2nd and 75th.


      1. Luna Piena is always solid~great prices, too

        1. i don't have a lot of experience in this neighborhood, and have only been to Due on your list, and that was YEARS ago. but, i enjoyed it and thought it was reasonable. i have fond memories of both their gnocchi and of their sauteed chicken liver and polenta appetizer. in fact, i dream of the chicken liver appetizer and have (not very successfully) tried recreating it at home.

          it is a cozy, neighborhood space with a decent atmosphere, decent food, and fair prices. not a destination, but a nice spot in the 'hood.


          1. Due might be my favorite Italian location in the Upper East. Not overly reasonable, but I have never once been disappointed with their food. We are also pretty happy with Maruzella and Grotta del Mare, but their food is just a step below Due's imo.