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Feb 8, 2008 12:01 PM

Maine lobster in San Diego?

Looking for best restaurants for Maine lobster in San Diego - and hopefully ones that won't be "all out" when we get there ;-)
Any suggestions? Thanks :-)

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  1. Why would you want something that was shipped all the way from Maine when you can have local lobster? Oh well, I'm sure the Brigantine, Anthony's and the like will have Maine Lobster. I recall seeing some live lobsters at China Max the last time I was there.

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    1. re: jmtreg

      Two reasons:
      1. I'm originally from New England and I was raised on New England lobsters - and I know they're sweeter than local lobster.
      2. My wife is from the midwest and never had lobster at all until she visited me in New England, so she's an unbiased judge and she likes New England lobsters much better than local lobsters.

      Thanks :-)

      1. re: MikeSm

        I'm also from New England living in San Diego - I'll pipe in on the debate - local (CA) lobsters are jumbo shrimp to me. The Asian markets (99 ranch, specifically) have some good size lobsters at reasonable prices. When you've been away for a while, the taste is like home, even if the journey has stressed out the crustacean a bit. Another suggestion - we've found the lobster bisque at Red Tractons in Del Mar (by the race track) is the best we've ever had. Try it - it might also help your wife's recovery.

        1. re: happensatonce

          Thanks for the suggestions. We've never tried Red Tractons - we drive by it a lot, but never went in - guess we'll have to :-)

          1. re: MikeSm

            I really like Red Tracton's. They have a website with an online menu that includes prices, though I'd bet lobsters would be market priced based on availability. They do a fine prime rib, which is their specialty, and their portions are ginormous. Very fine service from pros that have been there forever. Now is the time to try it out -- it is a crazy but very entertaining scene during racing season at Del Mar.

    2. I wonder if Oceanaire has them...

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      1. re: sbgirl

        Don't think so - they're not on the online menu...

        1. re: MikeSm

          No, Brian Malarkey (Oceannaire chef) is a fanatic about stuff that is local and fresh. I was there a month ago and no Maine lobster. Mostly West Coast stuff. I'd try Point Loma Seafood and just have a romantic dinner at home, a la "Annie Hall"!

          1. re: keena

            That's probably what we're going to do - minus the broom, of course ;-)

      2. i'm from boston, and my brother is in the lobster wholesaling business in buzzards bay. so i get my fix every time i visit. however, here in sd, i agree with happensatonce regarding 99 ranch. i've bought lobsters there several times, and they not only have good prices, but have a good supply of live 2-3 pounders. i've also gotten decent 1 1/4 lb live lobsters at ralph's, believe it or not. there was a chinese place called lucky star in the north park area that was advertising chicken lobsters for 13.95 on wednesdays, but otherwise, you'd probably have to go to a high end steakhouse and pay the price to get a decent maine lobster. i'd much rather get it alive at a grocery store, and cook it at home.

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          1. This place is a cash and carry place. They sell to resteraunts and markets. It is a whearhouse filled with pools of lobsters divided by weight.

            Hardshell Lobster & Seafood CoHardshell Lobster & Seafood Co

            Write a review
            4564 Alvarado Canyon Rd
            San Diego, CA 92120

            (619) 528-4210

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            1. re: normalheightsfoodie

              This is the 2nd time I have seen this place mentioned. THEY REFUSE TO SELL TO THE PUBLIC. Please stop teasing.

              1. re: lane87

                i have gone there manty times, I even special ordered a bushel of steamers from them. cash and carry.