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Feb 8, 2008 11:45 AM

Best movie theatre butter topping?

My wife loves... LOVES... movie theatre popcorn. We try to duplicate it using real butter, store bought topping, and any mixture/concoction that we can think of. All fall short. I've been thinking about purchasing from a restaurant wholesaler, but I don't need 12 gallons of topping.

My question: does anyone have a good recipe for THEATRE style butter topping? Or does anyone have a brand suggestion for what type I should buy?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. do you have Kernels brand where you live? They make bottles of that liquid psuedo-butter topping stuff that could be what you are looking for. They also make loads of different powdered toppings (I like to mix the sour cream and onion and nacho together, lol). If you are also near Bulk Barn, they sell a hickory bacon one that is good, as well as the ranch and dill pickle.

    i LOVE theatre popcorn of the best things about going to the theatre.

    1. try to eat more of this topping than you breath

      1. Have you treid clarifying the butter?

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          When I worked at an upscale Landmark theater years ago, we used the clarified butter that restaurants use for lobster. Also, we popped in coconut oil. Not something you should necessarily have on hand for everyday consumption, however.

        2. Years ago, at a bed bath and beyond, they sold a complete package of "movie theatre" popcorn to make at home. I'm guessing that it had coconut oil, kernels and "butter" and instructions on how to cook on the stovetop and when to add the various pieces. Definitely tasted like i was at a theatre and I would guess they still sell that product or you can find it somewhere online.

          Edit: Something like this. Not sure if this was the brand I tried.

          1. Try the artificial spray butter in the dairy aisle. Tastes like liquid salt.