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Nov 10, 2001 09:30 PM

99 Ranch Market

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Made my first trek to 99 Ranch last weekend and what a blast! I have a great Asian market that I go to in SB, but obviously nothing like this! So, I've already enjoyed my fresh bean curd skin a couple of different ways, and I also discovered that it's really true: fresh water chestnuts are 100 times better than canned!

I also picked up some fake veggie meats and fish-type products, fresh (still warm) tofu, some cooking utensils, tea, snacks and sweets.

Here's my question: I shopped at the market in Westminster, which is a heavily Vietnamese area. So the store featured lots of Vietnamese products. Some things that I was hoping to find (recommended by a Chinese friend) weren't there. Can someone tell me which 99 Ranch features more Chinese items? There are lots in LA, but I prefer to shop in Orange County, because we go there frequently to visit family. If the LA stores are better, please make a recommendation.


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    Carolyn Tillie

    I shop at the one on Artesia Boulevard in Gardena (sorry, don't know the exact address except that it lies between Vermont and Normandie right at the entrance of the 91 Freeway). I go there because they are the only store I know of that sells canned Gluten. At least it is closer to Orange County than other LA stores...

    Also, when visiting the area, take a look at Marukai Market on the corner of Artesia and Western (notable for the beautiful tiles that bedeck the building) -- a fabulous two-story Japanese market.

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      i have a 99 ranch market by my place in Arcadia on Duarte near Baldwin ave. sssshhhhhh

    2. Lisa,
      Check out page 28 in the Sunday Los Angeles Times Magazine - a list of the best Asian markets in the Southland.

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        Here's the link, just in case you don't get the LA Times...


      2. There is a 99 on Culver in Irvine, a few miles south of the 5. It has alot more Chinese products, is a larger store, and is much cleaner than Westminster, but is a bit more expensive. There is a Sam Woo bbq and restaurant next door which is pretty good too.


        1. You mention SB. Not sure whether Santa Barbara or San Bernardino. If Santa Barbara, on your way back from Orange Co. you could stop at the 99 Market in Van Nuys at Sepulveda & Victory which also has a Sam Woo and a Pho restaurant adjacent. Has very good Chinese selection and would not be too far out of your way.

          1. I'm not sure if SB = San Bernadino or SB = Santa Barbara, but if it's San Bernadino, there's a whole bunch of them on the way out there. The one at Atlantic and Garvey in Monterey Park is very Chinese, the one at San Gabriel and Garvey in San Gabe/Rosemead is more Vietnamese. There's also one in Rowland Heights right off the 60 that's VERY Cantonese.

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            1. re: PRSMDave

              Sorry folks, I meant Santa Barbara. I did mention in my post that I travel to OC frequently and that's why I prefer to shop in that area. But I could do LA if it's reasonably on the way, preferably off the 101 or 405. Thanks!