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Feb 8, 2008 11:08 AM

Prix Fixe Menus in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Fort Greene, and surroundings

I just noticed that Rosewater has a prix fixe market menu for $28. Anybody been? Worthwhile?

Also, apart from Chestnut, are there any other restaurants in the above mentioned areas that offer a good prix fixe menu for dinner? Or lunch? Preferably under $30.

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  1. Tempo has a 3 course $25 prix fixe during the week and $35 on weekends. The selection is extensive and the food is great. I also think that the wine by the glass (which is actually a small carafe) is a good deal.

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      Tempo recently upped the price of their prix-fix to $29 from Sunday - Thursday and $39 on Friday and Saturday. However, it appears that they reduced the number of items with a "supplemental cost". Either way, for $29 weekdays, Tempo is still the best deal to be had in the borough (with Garden Cafe coming in a close second, I think). Even for $39 on weekends its a great deal, considering all the food and the quality, that you get.

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        Garden Café, Tuesday-Thursday: $28, 2 Course; $32, 3 course. Coffee extra. Wine approximately $40 per bottle. The best deal for a special meal.

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          A few weeks ago we enjoyed one of the best dinners we have ever had in the area (Park Slope /Prospect Heights) at Garden Cafe. Everything from the starters to the dessert was just excellent, and so was the wine.

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            Ate at the Garden Cafe for the first time a few weeks ago (after having wanted to go for years but just never getting the motivation to cross GAP) and it was fantastic. I agree that everything was wonderful (and the availability of venison on the menu (at the time) was a plus for me. I LOVE venison.

            We will definitely be returning soon, and it is a fantastic deal.

      2. Cafe Carciofo! This place definitely does not get the love it deserves on Chowhound. They have a 3-course prix fix weekday nights; I believe it's $25. C.C. is on Court and Kane.

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          I was wrong, Cafe Carciofo's prix fix is $20. Even better!

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              Yup, they sure did. I got a big artichoke serving plate at their sidewalk sale.

        2. How about ici's Market Menu ($28 I think)? Recommend it? Any other prix fixe menus that are worthwhile in Brooklyn?

          1. If you want to go as far as Red Hook, 360 has a great $25 3-course prix fixe

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            1. Did Canaille have one recently? I visited there about 2 months ago and I recall doing a prix fixe. I loved the steak frites - a lovely tasting steak. started with a fab onion soup.