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Prix Fixe Menus in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Fort Greene, and surroundings

I just noticed that Rosewater has a prix fixe market menu for $28. Anybody been? Worthwhile?

Also, apart from Chestnut, are there any other restaurants in the above mentioned areas that offer a good prix fixe menu for dinner? Or lunch? Preferably under $30.

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  1. Tempo has a 3 course $25 prix fixe during the week and $35 on weekends. The selection is extensive and the food is great. I also think that the wine by the glass (which is actually a small carafe) is a good deal.

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      Tempo recently upped the price of their prix-fix to $29 from Sunday - Thursday and $39 on Friday and Saturday. However, it appears that they reduced the number of items with a "supplemental cost". Either way, for $29 weekdays, Tempo is still the best deal to be had in the borough (with Garden Cafe coming in a close second, I think). Even for $39 on weekends its a great deal, considering all the food and the quality, that you get.

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        Garden Café, Tuesday-Thursday: $28, 2 Course; $32, 3 course. Coffee extra. Wine approximately $40 per bottle. The best deal for a special meal.

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          A few weeks ago we enjoyed one of the best dinners we have ever had in the area (Park Slope /Prospect Heights) at Garden Cafe. Everything from the starters to the dessert was just excellent, and so was the wine.

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            Ate at the Garden Cafe for the first time a few weeks ago (after having wanted to go for years but just never getting the motivation to cross GAP) and it was fantastic. I agree that everything was wonderful (and the availability of venison on the menu (at the time) was a plus for me. I LOVE venison.

            We will definitely be returning soon, and it is a fantastic deal.

      2. Cafe Carciofo! This place definitely does not get the love it deserves on Chowhound. They have a 3-course prix fix weekday nights; I believe it's $25. C.C. is on Court and Kane.

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          I was wrong, Cafe Carciofo's prix fix is $20. Even better!

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              Yup, they sure did. I got a big artichoke serving plate at their sidewalk sale.

        2. How about ici's Market Menu ($28 I think)? Recommend it? Any other prix fixe menus that are worthwhile in Brooklyn?

          1. If you want to go as far as Red Hook, 360 has a great $25 3-course prix fixe

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            1. Did Canaille have one recently? I visited there about 2 months ago and I recall doing a prix fixe. I loved the steak frites - a lovely tasting steak. started with a fab onion soup.

              1. Quercy on Court Street has a $25 prix fixe Monday through Thursday, I think.

                1. Le Pit Stop $25 Prix Fixe 3 course Mon-Thurs. I think call before I could be wrong. Either way the menu is reasonably priced. North of DeGraw on Columbia.

                  1. Enjoyed Tempo's $29 prix-fixe last evening. Plenty of good choices, all listed on their web site.

                    Sadly, 360 and Sorrel have closed, reducing the prix-fixe choices.

                    One consequence of our miserable economy is high prices for all food ingredients, particularly those dependent upon grains (ranging from flour to livestock and just about everything in between). In addition, restaurants, like many other industries, are being charged "fuel surcharges" by their suppliers, owing to the continuing upward spiral in fuel prices. As a result, you're going to continue to see an upward creep in menu prices. I had dinner in one of my favorite (non-NYC) restaurants this past Saturday night and was served a 4-oz piece of cod. The serving size in this joint had always been on the generous side.

                    1. melt is park slope has a 5 course tasting menu on Tuesdays for $25 or $45 with wine pairings. Havent been yet, but if its good thats a hard deal to beat anywhere.

                      1. Patois has a 3 course prix fixe for $20. I went recently after quite some time away and the food was wonderful. Ambiance is great as well, they have a fire place!

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                          I believe it's available only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

                        2. Jolie on Atlantic Avenue around Hoyt has different specials every weeknight I believe. http://jolierestaurant.com/

                          A couple nights are prix fixes, one is a half price wine bottles, another is $1 oysters, etc. Their website doesnt appear to have all the info, but they usually have a board outside the restaurant detailing the week's events, so I'm sure you could call for more info too.

                          1. Paninoteca on Smith (Degraw/Sackett) has a prix-fixe for $30. Think it's the same night as it's neighbor's, Chesnut's, which is Tues-Thur. They have a nice garden in the summer.

                            1. surprised no one has mentioned palo santo. great price fixe dinner. pretty cheap. lots of food. sit at the bar and watch the chef prepare it for you.

                              1. I just walked past Cafe on Clinton and they have a new sign out for a 3-course prix fixe Monday-Friday from 5-8. Only $18. Seems like a good deal. Can't remember all the choices (I think there were about 4 choices each for app and main; you also get dessert.) French Onion soups and Shrimp Cocktail stuck in my mind for apps. Report back if anyone goes! I hope to try it soon.