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Feb 8, 2008 10:54 AM



Can somebody recommend me a good oyster spot in Seattle for Valentine's day.
Good Oysters are a must and a nice vibe would be good too.
Added bonus would be if the spot was kind of off the beaten path, and not really blown up. this is for a couple of reasons # 1 being that it's getting late to make reservations and #2 being that everybody knows chicks dig secrets.

thanks in advance,

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  1. None of these places are secrets but they all have a good variety of oysters.

    Shuckers- The name says it all.
    Oceanaire- From my experience chick's dig being taken out here.
    Elliotts- Touristy but none the less they have a really nice oyster bar.

    These are the first three places off the top of my head. You can't really go wrong with oysters at any one of them.

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    1. re: porky pine

      As a "chick" I had a good experience at Oceanaire - really well done.

    2. Besides the three already mention I'd also add The Brooklyn to the list.

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      1. re: alki_chick

        Ditto, the Brooklyn. Get the baker’s dozen. The basil infused olive oil, drizzled on bread, is mind blowing. Sit at the bar; the staff is knowledgeable about the shellfish, so ask questions. The Brooklyn is a solid oyster bar, but is often glossed over.

      2. Etta's does oysters. I was there the other night. They list about five varieties on the menu but only had two left in stock. Nice presentation, though, at $2.50 a pop.

        Does Chinook's still offer happy hour oyster "shooters" at ridiculous prices (not that you'd be impressing anybody)?

        1. you may want to dry hopping on the bridge and coming over to bellevue to check out the raw bar at seastar...very fresh, very yummy, and not a chain restaurant.

            1. re: hhlodesign

              That link for Ama Ama did not make my mouth water. So says the article: ... "for every hit there's the occasional flop. There was no better demonstration of this than with the restaurant's uneven attention to detail on the half shell. Each of the three times I visited, I ordered the chef's selection, an assortment evocatively named bivalves from local waters. And each time, there were good oyters-- and a few stinkers. Few things are as disappointing as an over-the-hill oyster. When you call yourself an oyster bar, the shellfish had better be pristine. And it really should be be served on a bed of crushed ise, not awkwardly arranged over ice cubes on a dinner plate."

              Personally, I would never take a girl to this place based on this review. hhlodesign, If you have had a different experience please share...