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Feb 8, 2008 10:51 AM

Lunch at Magic Oven

I had a pizza there today for Lunch after hearing good things about the place....went to the Dupont/ Spadina location...ordered a veggy on whole wheat dough was the worst concoction called pizza I've ever eaten....first it was cold ...not even warm...then too many soggy veggies drowning the dough and finally the so-called organic tomato sauce tasted just like tomato paste ...Yuck will never go there again...also was the only sole in there...eventually others arrived...nobody ordered pizza...Miranda

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  1. Yes, this is interesting. I went to the same Magic Oven one Thursday lunch with the office gang. Great experience! Three ordered pizza and three different pizzas, at that-all were delicious (including the one with all the arugula on top-I know I tasted it) Other dishes, including a very generous salad, were fresh, tasty and well-served.

    So-o-o, a week later, on a Wednesday evening, I went with my husband. He ordered the arugula pizza and I had one with organic sausage (the Magic Oven special?): the same as the lunch time one from previously.

    It was as if it was a different restaurant. Pizzas were not hot and sauce was dull and toppings were not what they were supposed to husband's portion of greens was way disproportionate to the cheese and sauce and rendered the whole thing impossible to eat. I have never known my husband NOT to finish a pizza before, but this one was of no interest. The service was good both times, but dramatically inconsistent food.

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      I have been to the Magic Oven on Dupont with my son three times who really liked it and was keen on earing organic. I found the pizza veggies soggy, the crust far too doughy and it was really pricey.