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Feb 8, 2008 10:41 AM

SONIC [moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Last night my husband, daugther and I had the opportunity to try Sonic in Barnaget. After reading so many different reports on this particular fast food establishment, I must say I was rather disappointed. My daughter ordered the popcorn chicken, my husband ordered a burger loaded and I not being humgry sampled the chicken. To begin with the chicken was cold. It took quite a few minutes for anyone to come back to the pickup window to see why we were still sitting there. We explained the situation to one of the workers and he apparently nuked the food ( and way to long I may add).. It was so hot, my daughter wasn't even able to eat her food right a way. My husband opened his burger and you guessed it , it was also cold. This too was nuked to reheat.

I have eaten at Sonic before but that was in another state and everything was very good. I wiil not get off the GSP, schelp to RT 9 to eat at Sonic again.

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  1. Sonic is a MESS ..why did they bring them up to Jersey ,,,, anybody over 7 years old will find Sonic to be well below any fast food place encluding McDonalds and Buger King

    1. I didn't know NJ had Sonics. Anyway, after passing Sonics for probably 40 years while driving in the South I finally stopped at one down Rt.13 on the Delmarva to see what all the talk was about. Had a burger, fries and shake. All were below average fast food quatlity and taste in my opinion. Maybe folks just like the drive-in thing, and accept the food - I dunno. Will never go back.

      1. Wow, sorry to hear about the bad experiences. We've had Sonics here in the South forever, and they're one of the most reliably decent fast food places around. I've never been to one where I've gotten cold food and the service is usually at or above the level of similar restos.

        I usually also try the trick I've seen many people mention on these boards - I order something just a bit customized (like a burger with no catsup, etc.). You stand a much better shot of getting a fresh sandwich that way.

        1. We had a Sonic open in my area last year and it's terrible. The beef they use for the burgers is of poor quality even for fast food standards. Fries are always cold, and the onion rings have a wierd sweet taste to them. I put Sonic right at the bottom of my fast food favs right next to our local Roy Rogers which also sucks.

          1. Sonic has great drinks and desserts, like their shakes and frosty frozen beverages -- but food-wise, I'd honestly rather eat at McDonald's.

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              I LOVE their cherry limeades. And the chili dogs are pretty good too. But the rest of the food is pretty mediocre at best.