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Feb 8, 2008 10:37 AM

Recos Fancy coffee/sandwich near Waltham Saturday?

My sister is coming to town all too briefly for a visit- and wants to squeeze in a business-related coffee with possible food on Saturday (tomorrow!)- her host wanted to go to Brasserie Joe downtown- but that's too far/too much of a hassle on this schedule. Plus I live in Waltham, which is so much more convenient! Who can recommend somewhere that will feel like it's similarly upscale (never been to Brasserie Joe but I'm guessing it's a little fancier than our favorite diners)-- for a coffee and possible lunch? I only know the dinner places around here that are fancy and don't know who serves weekend lunch or coffee. Do any of the hotels have an appropriate restaurant/cafe for example?


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  1. Off the top of my head, the best mix of quality and closeness I can think of would be Vicki Lee's in Belmont:

    1. I've been to Brasserie Jo and it's quite nice (as is the food). Can't think of any in Waltham that's comparable, but I believe Solea is open for lunch, and so is the UpperCrust pizzeria.

      We've been to the Cafe on the Common a few times for coffee and lunch. It's quite decent but of course it's more like a coffee house. They serve cold sandwiches, hot panini sandwiches, and quiche there.