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Feb 8, 2008 10:31 AM

Anyone been to Koh Chang?

At the end of the month I'm headed on a trip to Bangkok, Koh Chang, Angkor Wat and Saigon. I figure there is plenty of info on the board about BKK, REP and HGN, but was curious if anyone had been to Koh Chang and had any eating suggestions.

We will be staying on Klong Prao beach.


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  1. On white sand beach there is a nice restaurant run by a danish chef, the place is called Food by Jensen. For thai food I would say that Garden Resort in Kai Bae is an excellent choice.
    There is a local online guidebook for Koh Chang at which may offer more up to date information, if not, maybe you can add it while you stay.
    Enjoy your food.

    1. On the mainland, in Trat, the Banpu Resort has a terrific restaurant.