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Feb 8, 2008 10:31 AM

In town next week, including Valentine's Day. Help, please.

Greetings, Austin hounds~

My husband and I will be visiting from Philadelphia all next week and are looking for some not-to-be missed places for barbecue, Tex-Mex, Asian, etc. We normally never go out on Valentine's Day (prefer to stay home and cook lobsters) but will have to this year--any non rip-off recommendations for that night? We are staying at the Sheraton Austin on East 11th Street for a convention and can get a car if we need one. Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. This is a common question on this board. Here are some similar threads to get you started. As for the VDay question, I would find a hole in the wall type of place and share a causal, cheap dinner to avoid the hassle.

    1. We went to T&S seafood last year for valentine's. It was busy, but not like a typical restaurant on valentine's. Their special is double lobster. They also have live dungenese crabs, live fish, razor clans, etc. It's kind of a dingy place, but the food is excellent.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions and the threads--very helpful! If anyone else wants to help with our "don't miss" list, I will be most grateful.

        1. I think my picks are attached at the bottom of the last thread Honey Bee attached, but just to reiterate...

          Mr. Rabbit and I visited Austin (my first trip) at Christmas (we're from Boston/Toronto). We really liked Lambert's for "fancy bbq" (something we don't get so much of on the east coast!). And Starlite is a lovely and romantic boite for dinner, except that probably on VDay it will be packed (and less romantic).

          (funny you should mention it, but we'll probably be celebrating with lobster chez nous!)

          Please let us know how your trip went. I'll be back in Austin so I'm still looking for data!

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            Thanks again, all! We were going to try T & S Seafood as recommended by Rudeboy (though maybe not for VDay) and found it boarded up!!! Anyone know the scoop? We've been to Stubb's (walking distance from our hotel) for bbq and loved it (no music that night, but the food was fine), Manuel's for Interior Mex--it was excellent on a busy night, with great service and super drinks), and had lunch at Roux today (new place on E. 6th across from the visitor's center)--wonderful cajun--try the seafood bisque, jambalaya, and gorgeous fried green tomatoes. Still figuring out VDay, but our conference starts tomorrow, so we may be limited as to distance. We're staying at the Sheraton at 11th & Red River. More to come...happy VDay, everyone!