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Feb 8, 2008 10:24 AM

Need recommendations in/near Rocky Hill/Montgomery for casual business lunch

A couple of my colleagues are flying in from the West Coast on Tuesday and want to go out to lunch. I have to pick the place since I'm from here, but I don't know where to go. I know the offerings around here are dismal.

Our headquarters is on Rt. 206 near the Princeton Airport. I don't want to venture too far (and probably not even into Princeton proper, if it can be helped).

This lunch is a casual catch-up type of thing - we don't want fast food, but don't want a long drawn-out (or expensive) lunch, either. I've heard good things about Restaurant "one 53" on Washington Ave., but it's only open for dinner.

Any suggestions in the Rocky Hill or Montgomery area? (We can go into Princeton if there's nothing else, but would rather keep it closer to the office)

Thanks so much in advance for anyone's help!

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  1. Gennaros is nice for a business lunch, and they do offer a lunch menu. It's on 206, south of where you are.

    1. The Tigers Tale is OK. Decent sandwiches and salads and a bar if you want a drink. It's probably 2 minutes north of your office. Otherwise I would head into Princeton

      1. Main Street Bistro at the Princeton Shopping Center is a good choice. They're close by and the atmosphere is great for a casual business lunch. Note they open at 11:30.

        In Princeton, the Witherspoon Grill is a good spot for a business lunch and very convenient to park in the attached Spring Street garage.

        1. Brothers Moon in Hopewell might fit the bill...Pleasant, reasonable, with decent food.

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            I guess it's a little further than you might want to travel...

          2. Thanks, all. The lunch I mentioned above was postponed, but these recommendations will come in handy for my next business lunch (or regular lunch). I particularly thought Main Street Bistro and Brothers Moon might have fit the bill.

            I'll have to check out Brothers Moon - it's not too far from the office and I've heard good things. (I just wanted to avoid Princeton more for the parking situation than anything else.)

            I've been to Tigers Tale, and the food was terrible (reuben sandwich messy and basically inedible, fries greasy and terrible) so I don't think I'll go there again.

            But thanks anyway, for all the suggestions. This people on this forum have been oh-so-helpful the few times I've posted!

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              id give tigers tail another shot (if not for this lunch, then another time). the reuben there is open face - which to me is the downfall of any reuben. but actually the food there is pretty good - chicken sandwiches, grouper rueben, wings etc all good & suprisingly they have good shellfish, lamb etc. wish it was closer to my work! brothers moon is a tasty place, but usually pretty quiet - not sure what youre looking for in this lunch but frankly tigers tale is a more conivivial atmosphere than brothers moon - thats a place for brunch after church with your mother or a date with your wife.....