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Feb 8, 2008 10:19 AM

Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie at the Bellagio

Who has been here and what do you think? We are going to "O" on Wednesday and I thought it might be fun to grab a sandwich or salad here before the show or coffee and pastry after the show? Comments? Questions? Let me know! Please!

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  1. Not sure if they actually have sandwiches and salads...I see pastries and gelato and crepes and chocolates. Perhaps someone else will chime in on that, or you could call. Their gelato is great.

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      Actually, we walked through just the other day on our tour of the Bellagio and they did have a few pre-prepared salads and wraps. Not a huge selection, though, and they had obviously been sitting there all day. If I were you I'd find another place to grab your sandwich and then return to Jean-Philippe for a pastry or gelato - both looked fabulous.

    2. They have savory crepes with fillings of grilled chicken, sauteed mushroom, ham, variety of cheeses, etc. There's also a vegetarian option. They also make hot/warm paninis - not a huge selection but decent and tasted pretty good. Cold sandwiches and prepackaged salads are also available though I was never enticed to try them.

      There are variety of coffee offerings and I think I've gone through all of it and they're fine to great. They do take specific orders if none in their menu meet your desire. Their fruitshakes are good too but I always substitute some of the fruits so it's more to my likings.

      I'm not totally impressed with their fancy pastries but they're more than decent and very pretty to look at.

      I really like their nutella brioche and the palmier which has really fresh buttery taste. The mini set of macarons are one of the best I've had in Vegas (and that includes competition from Bouchon Bakery). One winner was the lemon poundcake which you cannot get in one-serving slice, rather, it's sold in a small brick priced at a hefty $18.

      Have fun!

      1. Go! You will love it. Wonderful variety. Everything from savory sandwiches, yummy salads, crepes and all made with fresh ingredients and interesting combinations. It is very high end but not fancy. Just a few bar height tables to sit around. A great idea is to pick up a few items, create a little picnic then enjoy it by the gardens, outside or in one of the hotel sitting areas.

        1. I do not notice people eat sandwiches at Jean-Philippe as it is famous for it's dessert. I bought a few boxes of chocolate there and had a wonderful crepe.

          1. Not that it is the standard by which a good chocolatier should be judged, however I had some of the worst chocolate covered pretzel's at this place ever. We grabbed some heading back to our room, and they were the most bland things ever. The pretzels they had used had absolutely no salt. The premise behind these things is simple, the sweet/salt interplay!

            The gelato is good though, and the chocolate fountain is cool.