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Blue Menu New Products - What have you tried?

The other post about PC Blue Menu two-bite brownies got me thinking about their other new products. Have you tried anything you liked?

I love their smaller size multigrain bagels. Finally, I can enjoy a bagel which isn't bigger than me! My kids also loved the smaller size.

Anyone here try the fresh whole wheat lasagna noodles? Are they thin once cooked?

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  1. Really liked the whole grain raisin bagels.

    1. Blue Menu Frozen Yogurts-Dieter's paradise!

      1. I really liked the lemon poppy seed dressing. I actually find almost all of PC's salad dressings really good (that fat-free mango vinaigrette is something else with mixed greens, blueberries and sliced strawberries).

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          I'm quite impressed with the blue line. I've become addicted to the spicy flax-seed corn chips. They are soooo good. Like eating doritos with alot less guilt. I've taken them to work and everyone who samples them are quite impressed with the flavour they pack.
          I just bought the white bean and red pepper dip. It is decent. Could be better (i find it slightly runny), but for the nutrition value it packs, also a good pick!
          Blue menu microwave popcorn is great too!

          1. re: pancake

            I hate to be a killjoy but when I looked at the ingredients, calorie counts, fat content etc. much of the Blue line didn't turn out to be terribly healthy. For instance, those flax-seed corn chips have more fiber than doritos but just as many calories and fat (250 cal/14g fat per 50g of chips). For my money (or more to the point, my calorie/fat budget), the Blue line doesn't live up to the hype.

            1. re: idnas

              and the salt - so much of it. Guess when they take something out they need to put some flavour back in, hence the salt.

              1. re: Helen

                Actually, my biggest beef about the BM stuff is that many of their savory items contain too much salt. If the BM line is suppose to be healthier, then it should reduce the sodium content as well as fats.

                Hmmm. I think I'll write them about the high sodium content to see what they say.

                1. re: DishyDiva

                  The major studies on salt and blood pressure are inconclusive, and often misinterpreted. Until there is a definite link, the food companies are not likely to alter taste.

                  1. re: jayt90

                    its not just high blood pressure people worry about , some people are on salt restricted diets , and salt holds water in your body like a sponge , so therfore more fluid = more blood volume = your heart working harder = high blood pressure

              2. re: idnas

                yes Im not sure what the calorie count of those little brownies are for the original variety, but 2 of the blue menu ones are still 150 cal. Thats alot I think for two bites when I know how to make much lower calorie versions at home.

                1. re: hungryabbey

                  They're still quite tasty and handy, considering they fill other dietary requirements (low-fat and whole wheat). These are supposed to be occasional treats anyhow.

            2. re: hautecocoa

              I tried the lemon poppy seed dressing today. I thought it was passable but wasn't sufficiently lemon-y for me to give it 5-stars. I added an extra squeeze of lemon and pinch of lemon zest to give it more zing. Still, at $1.99 (it was on sale), I can't complain too much.

              1. re: DishyDiva

                I too bought it and havent had it on salad but I did try a little taste.. and I liked the lemon poppyseed combo but as I am a HUGE lemon lover, I'll probably do the same thing as you Dishy

            3. stuffed chicken with spinach and ricotta
              stuffed chicken with mushroom and provalone

              1. I just tried the multi-grain flax bagels - they're okay although there isn't much flavour. Quite tiny...smaller than the palm of your hand and still pretty high in calories - 170 cal i think? (but they were on sale)
                I'm trying they're new dips next - I'm a huge fan of the regular artichoke and asiago and the BM one is apparently 55% less fat, which means normal people can actually consume it.

                1. We've tried the peas and yellow beans. I was very excited to find peas and other veggies (yellow beans) that don't have all the extra unwanted ingredients (salt, preservatives). The peas taste just like peas in water... maybe a bit tinny, but I'm not complaining. Texturally speaking these peas are very soft and therefore perfect for my little girl, who is still challenged with eating certain solids. Same goes for the yellow beans.

                  1. these are old-school blue menu, but i can't live without:
                    black bean soup
                    lentil soup
                    all the dried soups - so easy for work
                    the frozen meals - chicken tikka masala, the salmon and whole grain one - stunning!
                    mocha fro-yo
                    vanilla soy milk
                    all the crackers...

                    and i know i'm trading high fiber/low fat for high sodium, but at least i can control sodium in the rest of my meals to make up for it.

                    1. I tried the papiotte seafood trio and lemon pepper salmon meals...The salmon was awful and extremely bland..skip it for sure..the seafood trio was slightly better..might consider trying it again, but nothing special.

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                      1. re: burlgurl

                        I had the seafood trio last night and thought it was awful. But my boyfriend liked it, he said he'd buy it again, so I guess it's one thumb up/one thumb down.

                        I love the Blue Cheese Dressing. It's amazing.

                        1. re: canadianbeaver

                          My SO and I recently tried the salmon and the seafood trio (I had the former and he had the latter). I thought the salmon wasn't outstanding (not that I'd expect outstanding from a frozen meal) but was pretty decent for what it is. It was easy, healthy, and I thought quite flavourful (though burlgurl disagrees) -- and only $3.99. My SO didn't think much of the trio, but tried my salmon and he liked it too. He also, on a previous occasion, tried the chicken one and said it was good.

                      2. I really like the roasted veggie lasagna and the Italian salad dressing.

                        1. haven't tried the fresh lasagna noodles, but the dry ones are pretty good.

                          1. I like their Orange Tropical Juice; I'm diabetic, so most juices just have way too much sugar, and I get sick of drinking diet soda all the time. This one has half the sugar of regular juice, still tastes good, and gives me a refreshing change of pace from diet soda and Crystal Light.

                            1. They have some new, soft cookies in the bakery section. I've only tried the Fruit and Nut kind so far, but I love them! They are big enough that one is enough, and it's a satisfying, substantial cookie.

                              1. when i was in school i'd keep their frozen yellow chicken curry dinners in my freezer... a dependable meal when all you have is 10 minutes to warm up and and eat a hot meal.

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                                1. re: jayseeca

                                  Here's a vote for the PC Blue Menu old-fashioned steel-cut oats - it's been on the shelves about a year, I think - which makes oatmeal that tastes almost exactly the same as the much more expensive McCann's Irish Oatmeal (also made with steel-cut oats). Up till now, McCann's has been my ideal of how morning oatmeal should taste. But given that PC's product is less than half the price, I'll be switching to PC's version. Like McCann's, PC's oatmeal takes a half-hour to cook to the proper consistency, but once you've tasted the difference between it and any instant oatmeal on the market, you'll switch, too.

                                  1. re: juno

                                    i've been buying mine in bulk from Noah's. I think they're about $1.50ish a pound... if you want to be extra thrifty!


                                    1. re: juno

                                      Hey, thanks for the tip! I love steel cut oats ... McCann's is my favourite brand, so can't wait to try the PC version.

                                      1. re: teedotesse

                                        Also try The Bulk Barn for steel-cut oats @ .79 per lb. !

                                        1. re: tekkamaki

                                          Both Noah's and Bulk Barn steel-cut oats are certainly well-priced - I've tried both, as well as numerous others - but they don't come close to the first-rate taste of McCann's Irish Oatmeal. Whereas PC's Blue Menu steel-cut oats approximates McCann's taste almost exactly - I find it difficult to tell the difference. And PC's price is less than half the price of McCann's. An 793-gram can of McCann's cost me about $8 recently (though it can be had slightly cheaper elsewhere). Whereas a 793-gram size of PC's product was $2.49 on sale recently at my local Loblaw's (it's ordinarily $2.99). I think this was why the phrase "no-brainer" was invented.

                                      2. re: juno

                                        Steel cut oats, no matter where you buy, are superior to anything else!

                                        I just don't have time to cook them in the morning so I throw them in the slow-cooker overnight.

                                        1. re: ceebee1

                                          Genius! My husband and I were just talking about how to have real oatmeal for breakfast when we are both in such a hurry. Can you please tell me the details of your slow cooker oatmeal--like water to oats ratio?

                                          Thank you!

                                      3. re: jayseeca

                                        do you mean trhe one with out rice or gains? they DISCONTINUED that one. they stopped making all the frozen meals that were billed as low-carb, with no grain or rice. they killed me!

                                      4. I've tried the chicken meatballs and really liked them. They're great to have sitting around waiting to make a quick'n'easy meatball sub, swedish meatballs, BBQ meatballs, etc.

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                                        1. re: kajekat

                                          I tried the chicken meatballs last night and enjoyed them very much. I also purchased the beef blue menu ones which I am hoping are just as good.

                                          1. re: ParsleySage

                                            Ive had the beef ones and I really like them, they taste like the full fat ones to me :)

                                            1. re: ParsleySage

                                              We like the Blue Menu Chicken Meatballs too and they're good as part of an easy lunch for the kids. Oh, and the Blue Menu Chicken Soup is pretty good too. The cinnamon raisin blue menu bagels aren't bad so long as you're expecting raisin bread with a hole in it rather than a crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside Montreal-style bagel. fwiw the regular multigrain mini bagels sold in our Superstore (the western version of Loblaws but cheaper ie bag-your-own) baker aren't too bad ...and they aren't near as soft as the blue menu ones. Unfortunately they only come in 36's so we usually freeze half for later (the kids don't care about previously frozen bread).

                                            2. re: kajekat

                                              This is so true. I really like to throw them in a salad, too. I've had the Compliments (Sobey's) low-cal/fat chicken meatballs and they paled in comparison.

                                            3. Two to stay away from: the bagels (they're rolls with a hole) and the ketchup (tastes artificial).

                                              But I do like their granola bars.

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                                              1. re: piccola

                                                Even though I wrote above that I liked the small-size bagels, I agree with you, piccola -- to me, unless the bagels are Montreal-style, they're all "rolls with holes", LOL.

                                                And yeah, the ketchup is pretty gross.

                                                1. re: DishyDiva

                                                  i had a sample of their blue line two bite brownie...oh my ...I had to force myself NOT to buy it. DELICIOUS...chewy....yummy.....the whole nine yards..LOL

                                                  1. re: DishyDiva

                                                    In fairness, they do label the red stuff as "ketchup style sauce"; it doesn't make up for all its faults, but at least they're not mis-representing it!

                                                2. We like the skinless salmon fillets - getting fresh salmon in the PeterPatch can be 'daunting' and when we're busy, it's nice to pull something out of the freezer that hasn't been doused in a thousand flavours and salt. We can pop them in the oven with some white wine, and other goodies... a little grainy mustard on top... Yum... tasty, flaky, not fishy, not dry..........

                                                  1. Roasted Chicken & Red Pepper Wood-Fired Thin Crust Pizza...excellent and we've bought quite a few since trying them about a month ago for the 1st time.

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                                                    1. re: sylvrgirl

                                                      Hubby and I tried the pizza - it was ok considering the low price, but we were were still hungry and found it a little lacking in flavour.

                                                      DH is still a kid at heart and talked me into the chicken fingers - not terribly flavourful, but a good low fat alternative if that's what you like. Just add some dipping sauce (aka ketchup/sweet mustard for DH, Memories of Thailand for me).

                                                      Also tried the frozen wild salmon (skin on) which was good - just frozen salmon filets which you season yourself so it would be hard to go wrong. Very convenient to have on hand, but I think you are paying for convenience at $9.99 for 2 filets. (Altho I could have sworn when I bought them the sign said $6.99 but when I looked at my bill later it was not so...)

                                                    2. Has anyone tried their Blue Menu butter chicken? My husband loves the Indian Combo version but the fat/cholesterol content is insane.

                                                      I loved their multi-grain English muffins but I can never find it at my local Loblaws. It toasts up really nicely, unlike other brands I've tried. Their Ancient Grains crackers are also very tasty and it's easy to eat too many.

                                                      Other Blue Menu items I buy regularly are:
                                                      - spicy black bean ready to serve soup (canned)
                                                      - roasted veg lasagna (frozen)
                                                      - whole wheat penne with veg (frozen)
                                                      - veg, pesto, feta pizza (frozen)

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                                                      1. re: mrsleny

                                                        The oatmeal raisin cookies are absolutely awful. They're soft, but taste like sawdust. Blech! Add some brown sugar and cinnamon, people!

                                                      2. just had the provolone and mushroom stuffed chickenbreasts and really didnt like it. First of all, 4 TINY little breasts for like 9 or 10$.. They were very flavourless, I couldnt taste the mushroom or the cheese.. just saw a strange grey filling.
                                                        I do really like the chicken fingers though, they turn out nice and crispy if you cook them long enough

                                                        1. frozen lentil and bean veggie patties!!!!!

                                                          1. Whole grain jalepeno flavoured tortillas - perfect for healthy quesadillas... adds a nice little kick! and 4 grams of fibre!

                                                            1. I tried the PC Blue menu - Berry Crumble pies. Not sweet, but tart and satisfying. I recommend it!

                                                              1. I liked the BM blue cheese dressing too.

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                                                                1. re: goodmom8

                                                                  mmm. me too! I like to completely negate the Blue Menu effect by dipping chicken wings in it. *grin*

                                                                2. We just had their chicken/ricotta/onion/sweet pepper filled calzones tonight and both myself and the kids loved them. I made a sauce to top them with (jarred roasted red pepper spaghetti sauce w/ onions/garlic/basil sauteed in a little olive oil) as I think they'd be rather dry without it. I'd eat them again!

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                                                                  1. re: magicintern

                                                                    I was wondering about these.. how big is one calzone? because on the back a serving size is only half, are they fairly large enough to split or would you eat a full one to yourself?

                                                                    1. re: hungryabbey

                                                                      I ate one myself and my 5 year-old ate half of one. I could imagine eating half of one if you had a nice salad with it but I was too lazy to make one tonight. ;-)

                                                                      1. re: magicintern

                                                                        haha, okay good, thanks for the heads up

                                                                  2. I had the single serving size shephard's pie yesterday at lunch at work and it was very good. I enjoyed it very much and people kept asking what smelled so good. I think it will be come a regular lunch option for me.

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                                                                    1. re: pescatarian

                                                                      I've also had the blue line shephard's pie and i love it!

                                                                      1. re: magicintern

                                                                        I third the shephard pie.. its a staple in our freezer :)
                                                                        has anyone tried the cauliflower topped one or the chicken pot pie?

                                                                        1. re: hungryabbey

                                                                          i have. the cauliflower topped pie is great. the chicken pot pie is not as it is very salty and dry.

                                                                          1. re: rayrayray

                                                                            good to know. I realy like this thread, its good to know what to avoid before buying a whole box of something for 10-15$ and it being bad.

                                                                    2. just tried the blue menu mediteranean pies. Theyre 4 individual pies filled with tomatoes, veggies, chickpeas and a bit of cheese. The pastry was really nice for a frozen pie, not soggy and not dry but the filling didnt have any taste. I also felt it was really skimpy on the cheese and would have been alot better had it had more cheese on top . Probably wouldnt buy again.. actually Im not even that encouraged to eat the other 3 that are in the freezer.

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                                                                      1. re: hungryabbey

                                                                        We solve the cheese problem by sprinkling extra shredded cheese on top, making it taste a lot better.

                                                                      2. The almond butter is great and at a great price... only $5.99. I'm used to seeing it at Noah's/Whole Foods for upwards of $9.99 (sometimes 19.99!). I may have to stock up before the inevitable price increase.


                                                                        1. Tried the calzone twice now and they were just okay. I don't think I will buy them again. THey have this weird chemical taste and the cheese texture is off.

                                                                          Last night tried the blue menu Butter Chicken Sauce. It was dreadful. Tasted watery and nothing at all like Butter Chicken. I'd rather just eat real butter chicken less often and in smaller portions. I guess too much of the flavour of butter chicken depends on the fat containing ingredients.

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                                                                          1. re: Sooeygun

                                                                            I had the same experience with the Butter Chicken Sauce and one of the other ones (maybe the Korma). After a few bites it seemed pointless to keep eating due to the lack of any flavour. Ending up throwing out half the meal and the rest of the sauce (for both of the them). Really too bad.

                                                                          2. I am all abou the blue menu Korma Sauce!

                                                                            1. It's not new, but I really like the Blue Menu peanut butter. Makes great satay sauce. :)