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Feb 8, 2008 09:42 AM

Decent Chinese restaurant in northern Tinton Falls area?

Do you know of any little neighborhood Chinese restaurants for those after-work nights when you just want to take in? When you don't need gourmet but you also don't want to harden your arteries?

We used to get delivery from Kwong Fat in TF and after a while, the food was very greasy.

Recently, we've been getting delivery from Peking Malaysia in Shrewsbury (you can order on their website). They've been hit or miss, more miss than hit lately. One day, the cabbage in an eggroll is so fresh it's crunchy; the next, grease-fest. Same goes for the entrees.

I've never been overwhelmed by Little Szechuan in Little Silver.

When we want to dine out, we go to Far East Taste.

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  1. Don't know exactly where you're looking, but I know that across from Eatontown TV, there's a little Chinese restaurant. When I was working in Tinton Falls (Cloverdale), I ate here a few times. They're decently priced, and the food is not too greasy as it is. I usually got the Shrimp with Broccoli lunch special and I requested brown rice and easy on the sauce. The very nice woman happily obliged, and it was really good.

    Nice place. Not gourmet, but good food that's priced right. And the people are nice.

    Hope that helped.

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      1. We went there once last year. You're right: the service was gentle and polite. The beef negimaki was divine. We had dumplings and sushi that were good.

        I may have to sample their Chinese next week.


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          Oops. I apologize. I violated the rules here. Let me keep this short and sweet before I forget the name of the restaurant again. It's Asia Star Cafe in Tinton Falls off Green Grove/Asbury Avenue (across from Palumbo's). Nice Thai, Chinese, and Japanese, including sushi.

          Gentle and polite service. That's the place. Usually empty. New and clean. Eating in was better than taking out when we tried it.

          Sorry again. I am new here, but that's not a good excuse. I should know better to read the rules first.