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Feb 8, 2008 09:32 AM

Best steaks - South Shore

I think the Boston steakhouses have been adequately fought over on this board but I was looking for some idea's outside of the city that has comparable food without some of the common complaints: parking, price, noise, all the chains, etc.

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    1. I haven't been but have heard good things about Nino's Steak and Chop house in Hingham. Actually would love to know if anybody's been. I went to that location years ago when it was an upscale Italian restaurant...the setting was beautiful back then.

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        I ended up going to Nino's for valentine's day and it was a very nice surprise. The steaks were delicious and cooked to order. The menu had good selection which was ideal for my wife who is expecting. The location was unique and it was great to be able to park which is why we avoided the city. The service was solid and the wait was non existent(we did arrive at 8:30 thought). All in all I would go back to Nino's for a good meal but probably not a special night. It was well priced well below city steakhouses and slightly more than chains and the quality was right in between. Thanks for the rec because it was exactly what we wanted this year!

        1. re: scubahood10

          You're welcome, and glad you reported back on it. I'll have to check it out soon.

      2. Hi,

        I've found some nice steaks at the Italian restaurants. Specifically at Campanale's in Braintree, on Pearl St. Their New York Sirloin is excellent.

        Also, at the Fat Cat restaurant in Quincy Center, the blackened Rib Eye is delicious.

        1. I've never been, but can anyone comment on 53 South in Norwell. Burtons is good but prices are nearing that of a restaraunt in boston. Toscas generally has one or two steaks on the menu, prices are also near that of Boston but quality and service are on par with the steak houses I've experienced in town.

          1. You might want to try Solstice in Kingston. My wife has enjoyed a couple of different steaks there. The whole experience is enjoyable. Good wine list and by the glass. Interesting specials. Creative chef (John Cataldi, I think).