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Feb 8, 2008 09:06 AM

Mo Jo's BBQ Shack - Islington St., Portsmouth, NH

Has anyone been yet? It's on my list of new places to try.

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  1. Have you tried it yet?

    I went this week for lunch, had a pulled pork sandwich with baked beans on the side. Both were fantastic. The BBQ sauce is a bit more vinegary than sweet, which makes it all the more interesting. The pork was tender. But the beans - I would go back for the beans alone! They had amazing flavor - tasted like the BBQ sauce was in there, but also a ton of garlic, making them zippy and again - very interesting.

    All the guys I work with love this place. It's worth checking out! Parking can be a challenge and it gets busy at lunchtime.

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      Yes, I did finally get there. I had the pulled pork, baked beans and mac & cheese. The pulled pork was very good, and I agree with your assessment that the baked beans are exceptional. I was a bit disappointed in the mac & cheese ~ I am a mac & cheese fiend, and this left me wanting more flavor. I will definitely be going back.

      1. re: cassiatoast

        I also liked the sauce but I didn't like the meat. At least I *think* I didn't like the meat because it was hard to tell under all the sauce. The joint is fun and the service is friendly, but I'm pretty sure there's no smoker involved. See more food pics and commentary at

      2. What are their prices like?

        1. I thought they were decent - reasonable prices, the cole slaw had a bit of a kick. Not a fan of the dirty rice, however.

          I recommend you try it out but avoid the rice.

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          1. re: secretgourmand

            The dirty rice has liver in it. That's traditional. They have the recipe right but don't always cook it correctly. If they did, you wouldn't notice the yucky "livery" taste.

            I think it's worth the drive to Goody Coles.

          2. It was OK. The ribs are pre-cooked which is a let down given the prices and time it took to get my meal. As stated, the beans are fantastic, but the cole slaw is just meh.

            I would probably go back for a pulled pork sandwhich in the future, but unless they start making the ribs on their own, I'd pass on those.

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            1. re: TheMainiac

              Aren't ribs usually "pre-cooked"? Do you mean to say they were cooked off premises??

              We tried the place when it first opened and thought the food was just ok, but not worth returning for. As I recall, there was no smokiness to the meat whatsoever.

            2. Just not impressed. I think the review came on too strong, it left me expecting a lot.