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Feb 8, 2008 08:59 AM

Bakeries for cake in MoCo (Bethesda, rockville,etc)

I have yet to find a good bakery in the area and want to get a special cake for my husband. Any ideas?

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  1. CakeLove in the center of Silver Spring. Expect to pay at least 3 times what you are willing to pay. The flavor combinations are good, the presentation towards rustic, but that may be all there is. They are worth about 2 times more than what you are willing to pay, but not three times. So, after three continuous weekends of trying them out I stoped last summer. They have a lot of press, and a website.

    1. Go to shilla bakery in rockville.
      its a korean bakery that has wonderful cakes.
      some of the cakes are however not as sweet as what you may be used to.
      there are lots of unique cakes though

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        Bake goods are not fresh and/or frozen at the Shilla Bakery in the 2098 Veirs Mill Rd, Rockville, MD location. I pre-ordered a birthday strawberry fruit cake in April 2010 for my 4 year old niece. Even though we did not cut the cake until a couple of hours later, we all saw and tasted the ice particles surrounding the fruits inside the cake.

        Ok, thinking perhaps they forgot to put in the order that time (it appeared that was the case when I picked up the cake) and so, I was going to give this bakery a second chance. I called in again in June 2010 the day before to order a birthday chocolate fruit cake. The girl on the phone told me that I do not have to order cakes in advance because they have cakes there. I specifically told the girl that took the order that I do not want the fruits to be icy cold and wanted something FRESH. She assured me on the phone that it would be freshly made and talk to the chef about the cold fruit issue. I picked up the cake the next day around 5pm and we did not cut the cake until 8:30pm. Guess what? The fruits inside the damn cake was still icy cold! This bakery has lost my business for good!

        The first time I went there, the place was completely empty. The second time I went there, it was on a Saturday evening...there were a lot of baked goods on the counters and inside the order words, maybe it'll be there tomorrow, the next few days...good luck on finding something fresh!

      2. Just Cakes in Bethesda is very good. Marvelous Market also makes really delicious ones, but the decoration options are not as vast. I personally think CakeLove is highly overated. I had a piece last week where the layers of cake had holes in them.

        In Silver Spring, Woodmoor Pastry Shop is wonderful. I had what I though was a regular birthday cake only to discover at the first bite that there was fudge below the first layer of icing YUM.

        Just Cakes
        4849 Rugby Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

        Woodmoor Pastry Shop
        10127 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD

        Marvelous Market
        4832 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD

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        1. re: HilkaryIC

          For GREAT cakes, pies, cookies and pastries in general I highly recommend you try Stella's Bakery in Rockville. It is just off the the Rockville Pike on the western side a little north of White Flint in a little strip mall - look for the Kinko's. It's a little hard to find. Excellent French/Greek style preparations. They also serve coffe and have a few tables.

          1. re: rcooperman

            Having heard that Just Cakes was good, I called them to ask if I needed to order in advance (no special decoration or message - I just wanted something "off the shelf"). They told me that they always had a good variety of cakes on hand so I could just stop by. So I hopped in the car and drove over there, hoping to find a nice cake to serve that night. They had ummm, I think, maybe three cakes. This was midmorning, and maybe 15 minutes after I'd called. If their definition of "a good variety of cakes on hand" is three cakes, then don't go there unless you've ordered in advance. That being said I have heard that the cakes are good. I haven't been to Woodmoor in a while - it was quite old-fashioned but very good. Parking is a nightmare.

            1. re: Just Visiting

              I am a frequent customer of Stella's Bakery - often for an espresso/cake afternoon snack. I have never seen them w/o at least 10+ cakes up front and I bet they have more in the back. Parking is easy, finding them is not.

              1. re: rcooperman

                I second the recommendation for Stella's. Service isn't great, but it's because they're usually busy. Very soft, moist cake with not so heavy frosting.

                I usually remember by turning right by the Anthropologie store on the Pike. It's next to a yummy Taipei Tokyo eatery.

                Stella's Bakery
                11510 Rockville Pike, D Rockville, MD

                1. re: orangemix

                  2nd stella's. also very good is the french confection in sandy spring near olney

          2. re: HilkaryIC

            Ditto on Woodmoor Bakery. We've used them for 20+ years and have never been disappointed.

          3. Flower Bakery is on the corner of Layhill Road and Bel Pre, in the Layhill Shopping Center. It is behind the Sunoco Station so easy to miss. We have had many cakes from there for special occasions and they have been great.

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            1. re: crone

              really, Flower Bakery? I tried some things when they first opened but was not very impressed so I haven't been back. is it worth another try?

              1. re: crone

                I have heard about this place. Can you share what you had and what else looks good?

                1. re: meimei

                  We recently ordered a chocolate mousse cake and another cake that had fresh fruit and whipped cream for a couple special occasions. Both were eaten by a number of tasters who all really liked the cakes, so it was not just my tastes. We have also ordered black forest cakes and gotten a variety of other items and have not been disappointed. While Cake Love receives alot of attention, I find their cakes to be heavy, both the cake and the frosting, even when brought to room temperature.