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Feb 8, 2008 08:49 AM

take-out in/around Hillsborough, NJ

Are there any recommendations for chinese/indian/pizza takeout in and around Hillsborough, NJ? Reasonable price and good food? Looking for a quick take-out for dinner. We have tried Thai Kitchen II in Hillsborough. It is good quality like some other posts say. We have not yet tried anything else. I saw a couple of Chinese take-out type places on Rt 206 and I think there is one on Auten Road in Hillsborough. Any feedback?

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  1. I personally like China Wok in the WaWa strip mall.
    For pizza, I go to Manville Pizza. I used to like DeLuca's (also in WaWa mall), but they were inconsistent.
    The restaurant Cafe Piazza by the Thai Kitchen is very good, but a little on the pricey side for some.

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    1. re: princessgirl

      Agree with China Wok. One additional feature of China Wok (entrance to strip mall is on Triangle Road, or from 206, through Old Man Rafferty's driveway/parking lot) is the entertaining woman behind the counter. A lot of character.

      Our favorite pizza in Hillsborough is Brothers Pizza in K-Mart shopping center. They also do good "Cluck-U" wings. I like the atomic...I slight sweetness with the heat, delivered in a substantial sauce/coating. Not purist Buffalo Anchor Bar fare, but then I'm not always a purist about what I like.

      1. re: fpatrick

        Thanks for the suggestions. Will try China Wok!

    2. Alphonso's (Italian) has decent dinners and great garlic knots. Pizza is a bit better than average. I haven't tried anything else around there to compare it.