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Feb 8, 2008 08:47 AM

Armitage/Halsted Area

I need some good cozy restuarant ideas for Armitage and Halsted. Looking for someplace cozy and casual (i.e. jeans are ok). Any reccomendations.

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  1. Options near Armitage and Halsted:

    - Cafe Babareeba - Tapas. This is casual, but by no means cozy. It is a huge, loud restaurant, but the food is really good.
    - The Black Duck - this is a bar/restaurant on Halsted a few blocks south of Armintage (at Willow). The food can be hit and miss, but I've liked most of the dishes I've had there. Their salads and burgers tend to be better than the more ambitious options. Very cozy, and jeans are definitely OK.
    - Vinci - Italian. Not as casual, but the food is good (but not great), middle of the road Italian. Wearing jeans there wouldn't be a problem. Also at Halsted and Willow.

    If you want to go a little more upscale, BOKA and Landmark, both on Halsted between North Ave and Willow are great.

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      2nd Babareeba and Vinci--I like them both. I haven't eaten there yet--but my spouse likes the food at Landmark. Also not very far from Armitage/Halsted is Riccardo's Trattoria on Clark which I really like.

    2. Cafe Bernard is great for French food - super cozy and tasty. It's just 2 blocks north of Armitage on Halsted. I like Enoteca Piattini too, on Webster and Bissell (2 blocks south and 3 blocks east) for small plates. Good reasonable wine list too.

      1. A favorite of mine has always been O'Fane - on webster near the corner of webster and halstead - always has been one o my favorite restaurants in the area - has one of my favorite pizza resipes - Fresh garlic, oil and tomato pizza - ask for it on the thin crust - it is to die for!

        750 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL

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          The Red Rooster, which is the more casual half of Cafe Bernard, is cozy and casual, affordable and delicious. The entrance is just west of Halsted on Dickens. There is no name out front, just a yellow door with a red rooster on it.