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Feb 8, 2008 08:45 AM

Iowa City - Seeking Chicago Style Hot Dogs

I was wondering if anyone had a few good leads about where to find good Chicago Style Hot Dogs. The best I found was a vendor on Melrose Court on a Hawkeye football saturday. According to the vendor, they should be selling next year as well during home games...but where do I go to get the best Chicago dog between now and then?

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  1. I completely agree! It's a surprise with the amount of Chicagoans out here that there isn't a Chicago food type place. There used to be a place in the ped mall called Top Dogs, but they went down hill when they were bought out, and eventually closed. Since then, there's been nothing. The best I've found is the Flying Wienie in Cedar Rapids ( They have great Chicago food there, but again, it's in Cedar Rapids.

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      Chicago :)

      In all seriousness, I have the same "problem" here in Michigan. I have ordered the kits from Vienna Beef with great success.

    2. I own a Chicago Style Hot Dog Stand on the corner of Burlington and Clinton st in Iowa City. We make them just how you like them. A lot of people compare our hot dogs to portillo's a well known staple in Chicago. We Started doing it last summer over there on the corner. There is a nice table outside and when the weather gets better we will be out there everyday serving the chicagoans there favorite hot dog for the second year. People love them and often tell us we make them just like in Chicago. We have huge Vienna umbrellas and you can't miss the stand if your at the traffic light intersecting Burrlington and Clinton. Come on down we will be back on for the season when its a little nicer. Looking forward to seeing all you Chi-town dog fans soon!

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        HawkDawgs, do you pay that city cart fee of something like 700 bucks a year in IC. And how did you manage to set up shop on the corner. What was the procedure. Now, I'm never going to open a hot dog stand in IC, but I had something else in mind that probably would never work. I'm just confused about the red tape in IC. Thank you.

      2. Check out Sparti's Gyros in Coralville. I think they serve the kind of stuff you're looking for. It's on the Strip, if you're coming from Iowa City start looking for it after the light at Park Road on the right hand side.