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Feb 8, 2008 08:41 AM

Rehearsal Dinner idea


Recently engaged (as of 2 months ago) and I am looking for a rehearsal dinner venue to host roughly 50-60 people. Ideal cuisine would be french, italian or new american. also would like a good wine list from which we can select 2-3 varietals, plus an open bar. i'm not really limited to a particular area of the city, although murray hill and southward is preferred. the budget is somewhere in the 10-12k range.

any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!

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  1. If I didnt have as many people as I did (over 100), I would have had my rehearsal dinner at I Coppi. Very accomodating and great place. I did have mine at Viet Cafe, a fantastic Vietnamese rest. in Tribeca. Highly recc'd as well.

    1. I went to a lovely rehearsal dinner at Ecco in Tribeca. The party took up the whole place, there was an open bar to start, we sat down and the food just kept coming. A perfect spot for the Fall and Winter--very cozy and family oriented.

      1. What about Landmarc in the Time Warner Center? They have 2 big rooms that open up to the restaurant and can be used in combination or singly depending on how you want the event to flow. We started out with the garage door like room dividers open until everyone got there and then closed them for a more intimate dinner feel. Great and totally affordable wines, really good passed hors d'oeuvres, and you can do a nice 3 choice set menu. We really enjoyed the event we did there- their staff was delightful and the party planner on staff is really great. Also a plus- easy to get to.

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          My first thought was to rent out the entire La Boite en Bois at 68th & Columbus because it truly is a charming litle walk-down with very good French food.
          However, as you can see from the picture, it may not hold 60 people. I would recommend a phone call in case there is more toward the back that I did not see.

          My other thought was to rent out West Bank Cafe around 42nd & Broadway.