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Feb 8, 2008 08:13 AM

Good Cheap Family Eats in Seattle


We're coming from NYC to Seattle for a couple of nights with our two small (8 and 5) children. Looking for cheap, good, kid-friendly suggestions. Would especially love some seafood and oysters. I've been looking into Emmett Watson's. Is that a good choice for kids? We love divey, hole-in-the-wall, do just a few things very well type places.

Can we eat well and cheaply at Pike Place market? Is the market worth going to?

Any other places (ie. amazing doughnut or burger joints) that kids would especially love?

Also, we are arriving around 9 pm and staying at a hotel on fairview ave by lake union. Is there any place around there that's good and open late, where we could grab a bite or some takeout?

Or is there a place between the airport and the hotel that would be worth stopping off for? Again, must have a kitchen open til at least 11. This would be a wed night, not a weekend.


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  1. I have 3 and 6 year old kids, so here are my faves:

    Top Pot Doughonts 5th Ave, you can ride the monorail from the space needle to downtown, and you go right over TP. (No stops in between unfortunately).

    Seafood - Ray' supstairs cafe - good food, and more family friendly than the upscale restaurant downstairs. Great view, and it is near the locks and fish ladder.

    Emmets is very casual, but fine for kids, a great spot while at the market, which is a MUST.

    Chow Foods has 5 or 6 seattle restaurants, each with a different theme, and they are extremely family friendly. Good food, cocktails, and really fun decorations.

    Maggie Bluffs is in a Marina with a city skyline and (weather permitting) Mt. Rainier view. Burgers are OK, but they are great with kids and it is a fun location.

    Right on lake union is Blue Water, which is decent food, and have s'mores for desser that they bring your own little firepit for. big hit in the summer when families arrive by boat.

    depending on where you are from and what your kids will eat, international district (chinatown) has a lot of great, inexpensive reatuarants that are fun for kids.

    Good luck, and let me know if you need more specifics.

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      thanks so much for the recs.

      my kids are adventurous eaters, but asian food is probably out as we are meeting the rest of my family who are coming in from thailand, where they live. In general, in the states, they stay away from asian food as they want gorge on the american stuff. so seafood, doughnuts and burgers sound great!

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        Also close to your hotel (maybe not for the late night option) is the new branch of Tutta Bella Pizzeria above the Whole Foods mentioned by a previous poster on Westlake. Good neopolitain style pizzas and they have little toys for the kids.

      2. for donuts, top pot is good. But for a completly different donut experience the Daily Dozen doughnut stand in the market shouldn't be missed.

        1. Yes, you can eat well and cheaply at Pike Place Market, and it's very much worth seeing. I have a six year old and she loves it there. Some of our (mine and my six year old's) favorite spots for food in the Market are Mr. D's Greek Deli (the gyros are great), The Crumpet Shop, and the Daily Dozen doughnut stand.

          If you get a chance, drop into DeLaurenti's and see if they have their Salumi salami. It's called Rosmarino, and you can only get it there, and it's ridiculously tasty. We wander around the Market eating slices as we go. DeLaurenti's has other good snacks, too.

          I think if I were coming in late and staying on Fairview, I'd be inclined to stop at the Whole Foods Market on Denny and get some of their takeout. That might be one of the simplest, cheapest, and tastiest options in the vicinity.

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            In the Market, across the covered hallway from DeLaurenti's (SW corner of 1st and Pike), is a hole in the wall called NY Deli. Get their "Kick-*$$ Reuben" (1 sandwich easily feeds 2 adults) or pastrami. From there you can walk towards the water about 30 paces (passing to the left of the fish market/ butcher and brass pig) to Maximiliens for some lunchtime (cheaper) mussels or maybe some hanger steak/frites.