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Nov 9, 2001 12:38 PM

Polly's Pies & Bakery-Santa Monica???

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I have been driving paast Polly's in Santa Monica at nite for the last few months since moving my office to
the area. I thought it was a stand alone place. But i just saw the web site. So I ask you Chowhounds to please give me some feedback on this place.

My kids are not into "pies" per-say but love fresh baked cookies, however, I do like to bring home a pie once a month if it is any good.

Thanks folks!

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  1. Polly's has been a Long Beach staple for many years. Their pies are okay, but there are better (Hof's Hut, also a Long Beach based chain, is better). I think Polly's has some connection with KFC, as some of their local mailers refer to KFC, so take that as a clue. They advertise rotisserie chicken, eaten in or taken out in family dinner type pacckages.

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      We used to eat at Polly's (in Fullerton) when I was a kid so it has some sentimental value (I used to always get a patty melt -- yikes). The pies are okay (better than Hof's Hut, I think -- someone brought a Hof's Hut cherry pie to Thanksgiving dinner and I almost spit it out), but not great. Are there really any chain places with great pies? At least Marie Calendar's has a flaky crust, even if it is tasteless.

    2. Just went there for the first time last week to take advantage of a coupon for their new aloha-themed menu. We were pleasantly surprised. It's typical diner/comfort food menu. The inside of this one (Yorba Linda) made me feel like I was in Mrs. Knott's fried chicken restaurant (kind of theme-parky). The only thing that worried us was how quickly our food was delivered after we ordered. But the food was piping hot and quite satisfying. We would definitely come back.

      Didn't realize its relationship with KFC (shudder). But doesn't taste anything like it so I won't let it bother me too much.

      1. Good cinnamon rolls!

        1. I live near the Polly's in Santa Monica and to be honest, it doesn't make me jump for joy. The food was just OK, the decor is horrendous. The pies are good but they're about the same level as Marie Callender's, which I think has better food (though the service at MC's, with the exception of the Montebello one, sucks royally).

          It's just kind of OK.

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            Mrs. Marshall

            Try their cinnamon roll french toast - decadent but tasty!

            Steer clear of their eggs benedict - looked good from a distance, but since when is hollandaise sauce made with a chicken bouillon base? Yuck!

            The Santa Monica location you spoke of has a bakery section with pies (of course), killer-looking jumbo cookies, quick breads, cinnamon rolls, and their dinner rolls that my family particularly enjoys.