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Feb 8, 2008 07:22 AM

Can a "cautious eater" be happy at Lacroix?

Thanks to saturninus, I am planning on making dinner reservations at Lacroix. I am a little nervous though - my husband is a self-described "cautious eater" and the menu I found online looks intimidating!

He's not truly picky - he WILL eat seafood, even true sushi - he doesn't like things like mushrooms, asparagus... you get the idea. And if there's a word he doesn't recognize in an item description, he gets a litte twitchy.

He's not close-minded though, loves good food, and he won't say he doesn't want to go... I just need to hear form some people who have been there!

Oh - and what is the dress code like?


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  1. I've only been there for Sunday Brunch. Like you, my dinner partner is easily freaked out by "gourmet" items (e.g. (when we went to Morimoto for the first time, I did the omakase and he had the strip streak).

    At Lacroix, he managed to try about 1/2 of the Brunch offerings and enjoyed them. He did not voice any complaints, but I know the experience was basically wasted on him. If your husband likes seafood, I think Lacroix is doing a 5 course lobster dinner.

    Also, a blazer would be recommended.

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    1. re: FoolForFood

      The last time I went we had the tasting menu and I had:
      Maine Scallop Ravioli - Chanterelles, Asparagus, Squid Ink
      Scottish Langoustine - "Bouillabase"
      Spanish Octopus - Watermelon, Mastic, Foie Gras Powder
      Pelfreeze Farm Rabbit - "Peas & Carrots," Aromatic Air
      Gaspor Farm Piglet - Fava Beans, Blis Maple, Smoked Steelhead Roe

      They should have a kobe steak or something if hes more of a steak kind of guy. As for dress code I think they want jackets but we were in the private room and do whatever we want ha.

      1. re: mddletown

        Every single thing you listed was definitely not for my much less sophisticated palate. I dislike heavy sauces, added things like crusting to my meats and fish, and ambitious side ingredients. In other words,
        KISS = Keep it Simple Sweetheart!
        I start to read a menu and say wow that sounds really good, but as I start to read on I see that the things they are coupled with have ruined the first few words I read that turned me on in the first place.
        (am I rambling??)

        1. re: idia

          not rambling at all!! personally i like to read the specific likes and dislikes from frequent posters so i can figure out who's got the same eating style as me, and therefore would generally like the same dishes at particular restaurants. from your descriptions above (now i KNOW i'm getting off-topic!) i'm guessing you'd like some of the more simple preparations at a few places i've been lately, like the fish at raddichio, bistro juliana, and chloe. me, i LOVE crustings and intense or weird spices, so things like the peppercorn-crusted tofu and the jamaican jerk seitan smothered in a creamy chipolte sauce at horizons or the fish (can't remember the type) with some intense salt, spicings, almonds (if i remember correctly) and rich butter at modo mio are right up my alley.

          that maine scallop ravioli mentioned above might warrant a visit from me (whenever i run into some money)! that sounds ...different...

        2. re: mddletown

          That all sounds amazing to me, but - really? The rabbit came with a side of air??? How is that plated?

      2. We love Lacroix, but I don't think a cautious eater would enjoy it there. We have friends - cautious eaters - who have tried it and it was not for them.

        There are very good places with more traditional menus.