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Feb 8, 2008 07:16 AM

Good Drinks/Decent Bar Type Food - West 40/50's

Not normally my neck of the woods. Any good bar type places in the West 40's/50's on 8th or 9th with cheaper drinks and decent bar food to meet up with old college buds. Thanks!

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  1. I heard Kevin St. James was going to shut down, but not sure if they have. If they're open, perfect place for you go and chill with you homies. It's on 8 Ave and mid-40s. You can citysearch it for the address.

    Latitude is also nice. A bit more classy compared to Kevin St. James, but they at least have a happy hour and if it's may even spot some eye candy. That's on 8 Ave and 47 or 48 St.

    Zanzibar was okay on 9 Ave and I think...45th? But I haven't been there in almost 3-4 years. I've passed by and it's still pulls a crowd on the weekend so that's a good sign.