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Applewood, RoseWater, Stone Park Cafe, or Convivium?

I would like to take my wife tonight to a nice dinner in park slope. Which would you pick, or are they all foolproof? Thanks.

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  1. I like Applewood, although Rose Water is fantastic, it is a small place and you need to get there early.

    1. Of the 4, Applewood would be my 1st choice as well. But I'd consider Tempo as well if I was listing.

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        applewood hands down...though call asap for a reservation or be prepared to wait.

        havent been to stone park in a year at least but its a solid 2nd choice.

      2. I am absolutely in agreement on Applewood. The problem is that your dinner is tonight and reservations may be hard to come by there. One solution is to arrive early and eat at the bar. Same menu. Potentially romantic. Just that the bar gets crowded after 7 and conversation becomes more difficult. Rose Water would be my second choice. You can eat at the bar at Stone Park, but I've been put off by attitude there (not by the bartender, but by the host/owner).

        1. Having been to all 4, for a "nice dinner" Applewood would be my first choice.

          1. No one thinks Convivium Osteria? Crazy! I guess it depends on what you are looking for - the menu, the ambience, the hipness/trendiness? Rosewater is nice, small, cozy and romantic, but the menu is very small and changes every day depending on what's available. I can't comment on Applewood, but everyone else here did - it's obviously good and a hot place to eat at. Convivium is right up the street from where I live and I've longed to go back since the first time I've eaten there. It's so romantic and the food was delicious when I went. You feel like you are somewhere else - not on 5th Ave in Brooklyn. Never been to Stone Park. But I vote for Convivium! Amy @ http://www.neverfull.wordpress.com

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              1) applewood
              2) stone park
              3) rosewater
              4) convivium

            2. Hey, nokitsch: Where did you go and how was it?

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                Sorry for the (very) late reply! Actually we had a change of plans, but we went next day for brunch to Applewood, and it was absolutely great.

              2. Rosewater, easily. Not had good experiences at either Convivium or Applewood, tho' clearly in a very small minority on that one, at least on C'hound.

                1. Al Di La is better than all three combined.

                  though Applewood is pretty good.

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                    Agreed, Al Di La needs to be a part of this discussion. Tempo also.

                  2. I haven't yet tried Applewood, and I've only tried Stone Park for brunch (it wasn't very good).
                    Convivium is way better than Rose Water, unless you're into a health-foody, chewy groats vibe. Rose Water is way overpriced, and the food is only so-so. Convivium is one of our favorite restaurants, and we've gone back repeatedly.

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                      i'd put convivium LAST in this lineup.LOL

                      3)stone park

                      btw - all 4 are probably the best in the area, so you really can't go wrong. i'd go to all 4 places and write a report. in fact....

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                        Ditto on Convivium. Great if you like supersalty food that all tastes the same (sorry rabid fans -- admittedly based on one experience, but with a multitude of dishes sampled)