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Feb 8, 2008 07:09 AM

looking for good seafood in Marina del rey or santa monica

I'm looking for a place for dinner tonight in Marina Del Rey or Santa monica for decent seafood. Preferably a place with a view to watch the sunset. Actually, I wouldn't mind a place to have cocktails to watch the sunset and then dinner somewhere else.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I know I don't have much time. I have a friend in from out of town that wants seafood by the water.


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  1. I have had wonderful meals at The Lobster next to The Santa Monica Pier.

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    1. re: flowergirl

      Yes, killer view at The Lobster, too.

      Ocean Ave Seafood is a couple blocks up is you decide to have cocktails only at The Lobster.

    2. If it's drinks to watch the sunset (and then food somewhere else) then you can't do better than Moonshadows or Gladstones on PCH. Gladstones is right where Sunset runs into PCH and Moonshadows is just a bit further north.

      1. Go to the Casa del Mar Hotel. Lounge is best place for drinks to watch the sunset. And Catch is also a decent seafood restaurant. No Water Grill, but certainly on par with The Lobster & Ocean Ave.

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            my feedback concerns some of the same places: the lobster: great view, big room, very high prices. ocean avenue seafood: solid place, near the shore but no real ocean view, better seafood, high but fair prices. hotels such as casa del mar or shutters or... huge prices, nice ambience, you charge that for parking? isn't it comped with a meal? the fresh fish special comes from south america or australia? does that price include a room for the night?

        1. The Chart House on PCH is fantastic. Beautiful views too.

          1. Catch at Casa del Mar
            The Lobster