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Nov 8, 2001 07:18 PM

Ivy at the Shore

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Going on Saturday evening. I've read the couple posts available, but they only mentioned the crab cakes and the black pepper shrimp. Is there anything that I absolutely should order? I usually order seafood, but if there's an amazing steak, I'll order that too.

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  1. Kvhan, I'm probably in the minority, but I think the Ivy is a lot of money for a lot of nothing. I have friends who go there all the time, and I don't get it.

    1. I went once and thought it was totally overrated and expensive. I'd rather go to Ocean Ave. Seafood on the same street, or even Il Fornaio or I Cugini, even though they aren't seafood. I hope you find something good if you do go - and post after!

      1. I went last January and while the food was delicious and well-prepared, the service was more than a little snotty and was QUITE slow.

        It's overrated and for once I agree with Zagat - if you're not Someone, don't bother. I agree with Sunnyla - go to i Cugini or Jiraffe (5th/SM) or Michaels (3rd north of Wilshire).

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          michael (mea culpa)

          I think the posts are right on the recommendations, but ask your waiter. Despite being good looking, he might know a thing or two about food. It seems fashionable to criticize places like the Ivy's for being snobby and overpriced. I've eaten at each of them several times, never felt like a second class citizen, notwithstanding the presence of known stars in the room. I've had excellent food and pretty good service. I'm sure if you are a Hollywood regular you probably get better treatment but I never felt shunned and I always left satisfied. As I recall, they have various good desserts including key lime pie. My one beef with the place is that they generally serve coffee in giant cups. I remedied this by simply asking for the coffee or cappucino to be served in a regular cup. Voila! They did it.

          1. Somebody please wake me up. Am I dreaming?

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              michael (mea culpa)

              sleep well