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Kansas City area- looking for the little places

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I'm interested in finding those place in the area that are SMALL- I mean really physically small sized restaurants, hole-in-the-walls, tiny-but-nice, foodie kind of places that have little or no seating. Any type of food is fine. Where are they? and what should I try there?

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  1. Coyoacan at 5826 Merriam. Best tamales I have ever had. Tiny, most of the tamales at sold as take out.

    1. Lil's on 17th St. is small. An old beat house turned into a restaurant. Tapas, sangria, good vibe.

      1. The BBQ Shack in Paola was pretty tiny... the waitress kept answering all the questions my husband's uncle kept asking even though he wasn't talking to her! Town Topic is very small too.

        1. Theres a vietnamese place in city market that is small--its a converted garage. I really liked their food.

          1. Joe D's in Brookside is pretty small. Really good food and wine list too. Last time I was there I had a roasted lamb tenderloin with bourdelaise, really really good

            1. The Classic Cookie is pretty small and is locally owned, and they're always crowded at breakfast and lunch. Good soups, pancakes, muffins, eggs, all done to order. Friendly service.

              Classic Cookie & Cafe
              409 W Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64114

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                i second the classic cookie - we walk there often for breakfast or lunch.

              2. Okay - I have not been there - BUT, I drove by the Taste of Russia today (near downtown Overland Park), and it looks 1. small and 2. delicious! ANyone been? I love Russian food.

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                  Yes, not as small as it looks, and it's a grocer rather than a restaurant. Oddly, it's run by Egyptians, and has a decent selection of cured meats, I think.

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                    Good to know, but I am mad it's not a restaurant!!

                2. Another small place is One Bite Japanese. Grilled drinking food. Good stuff

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                    Chilehead - that sounds like lots of fun! I looked up the site --

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                      A very small, interesting place in the City Market is Tikka House. It's an interesting mix of Indian and Middle Eastern food with a very small seating area and take out counter.

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                      Yeah, they're great! The creative menu (think Japanese tapas interpreted a bit for American tastes) and the service is consistently good. There's really nobody like them here in the KC area.

                    3. I just had a great lunch at Aladdin Cafe, on Wyoming at 39th. It used to be a garage. They may have had an upstairs seating area, but I'm not sure. The downstairs, though, was definitely hole-in-the-wall, but clean with prompt service.

                      I am from the Detroit area, so I am extremely picky about any food labeled Middle Eastern. But it was delicious, plentiful and flavorful.

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                        Yes - each time we have went for dinner we sat upstairs. Fantastic salad, soup, and the curry chicken is really good. Not creamy coconut Indian currry, but grilled smoky curry!

                        Aladdin Cafe is the brother of the Lawrence Aladdin Cafe. Also excellent.

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                          We ate at Aladdin last summer while visiting KC. We ate outside and found our meals to be very good. This time of the year, inside dining would be very appropriate. All three of us enjoyed our meals.

                      2. Grandstand Burgers in Shawnee is very small. The burgers are decent.

                        4942 Merriam Dr
                        Shawnee Mission, KS 66203
                        Phone: (913) 362-0111

                        1. Dixon's chili on 40th in Independence..or the Bamboo hut on 40th..try the fried chicken

                          1. Jones BBQ over in KCK just off downtown on 7th I think.

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                              Damn good suggestions here. Dixon's...is that still good? One Bite rocks but their location is difficult for most. Worth the trip. What about some of the new places in Northeast KC?

                            2. In Lenexa at 87th and Monrovia (just off I-35) there is a hole in the wall mediterranian (sp?) place called Holy Land Cafe. The Shwarma is amazing, lunch is insanely cheap ($6 for shwarma sandwich, salad and soda)

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