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Feb 8, 2008 06:49 AM

Kansas City area- looking for the little places

I'm interested in finding those place in the area that are SMALL- I mean really physically small sized restaurants, hole-in-the-walls, tiny-but-nice, foodie kind of places that have little or no seating. Any type of food is fine. Where are they? and what should I try there?

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  1. Coyoacan at 5826 Merriam. Best tamales I have ever had. Tiny, most of the tamales at sold as take out.

    1. Lil's on 17th St. is small. An old beat house turned into a restaurant. Tapas, sangria, good vibe.

      1. The BBQ Shack in Paola was pretty tiny... the waitress kept answering all the questions my husband's uncle kept asking even though he wasn't talking to her! Town Topic is very small too.

        1. Theres a vietnamese place in city market that is small--its a converted garage. I really liked their food.

          1. Joe D's in Brookside is pretty small. Really good food and wine list too. Last time I was there I had a roasted lamb tenderloin with bourdelaise, really really good