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Advice on my Culinary Itinerary

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First of all let me say thanks for all your help in finding breakfast places in a previous post. Your suggestions were great and I will defintely be visiting some of the places.
I will be in SF for 4 days from the 21st through the 24th and I am trying to fit in as much eating as possible in those 4 days (a girl HAS to have priorities!)
Here are my plans for my meals:

Thursday: I arrive at SFO around 11am and I plan to explore the Ferry Building
L: Salt House (a good friend recommended it as one of his favorite places)
D: Chez Panisse (a friend from HS works there and I am going with her)

B: some have suggested the Hotel Vitale (where I'm staying) or Towns End. I work for Gap and will be in town for an all day meeting that day so it needs to be close to 2 Folsom. Please help me choose.
L: Yank Sing (close to the office)
D: Boulevard (has been recommended by so many and I fell in love with the space from the pictures on the website)

Saturday: (this will be my sightseeing day)
B: Tartine (based on recommendations)--not married to this
L: Delfina for pizza (my friend who works at Chez highly recommended this, but I am flexible)
D: No plans yet

Brunch: Canteen (based on recommendations)
I will be heading out to my friends house in Richmond for her daughter's birthday later that day so dinner is covered.

I am not married to my plans on Saturday. I love love love Mexican food and would love to get some recs for some good Mexican. I like little hole in the wall type places and although it is my first time in SF, I am a New Yorker so I have no fear of walking or public transportation. I would also like to explore the city a bit but I know SF has so many great neighborhoods, so suggestions are welcomed!
I will most likely be dining alone on Saturday night so I will check the previous threads about solo dining, but other ideas are welcomed.

One more thing I have a $75 daily meal allowance but I will pay out of pocket for two meals in order to save my $$ for the third meal (like for my meal at Boulevard).
Thanks so much!

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  1. I'd suggest Coi for Sat nite. there are several threads on here that have detailed descriptions. generallly speaking it has a fresh ingredient-focused vegetable focused tasting menu that is delicious and the service is very professional. prices are $85 for the four course and 115 for the 10 course tasting. the 4 course allows the diner to select 4 courses from the tasting and receive larger portions of each of those.wine pairings are available for an additional charge that my recollection is about $50.

    1. I would say dump Boulevard, per this recent post: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/470139

      Secondly, Saturday morning/afternoon can be covered at the Ferry Plaza (do a search if you haven't already read about it). It is a must-visit.

      I would say make Canteen a dinner reservation. Best solo dining in town. Period - end of sentence.

      1. Saturday night - Bar Crudo!

        1. What about SPQR on Saturday night? I'm sure you could find a space at the bar and dig into some of their delicious small plates. Don't miss the brussel sprouts. Yum!

          For Mexican, I really like Pastores. Affordable, low-key, delicious. I've only been for dinner, but their breakfast is supposedly great too. The owner is a gem.

          Pastores Restaurant
          3486 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          1. I think that you'd really like the farmers market at the Ferry Plaza and the shops inside the Ferry Building on Saturday morning. Here are some links:



            1. your plans sound great so far.....my recommendations for saturday: go to ferry plaza first!! then walk down to the new Mint Plaza on 5th and jessie st. to check out Blue Bottle Coffee in the am, grab a coffe/tea and see the country's most expensive coffee maker! definitely go to pizzeria delfina for lunch and they are right next to tartine so you can check out the beautiful morsels there too. then head down 18 th st, check out the by-rite market, then go to the by-rite creamery on 18th and dolores for a delicious gourmet cone and walk across the street to dolores park to check out the views of the city!
              for dinner, I agree with coi. I worked with chef Daniel Patterson and his food is magic. pricey though. other solo dining ideas: range, laiola, perbacco, town hall, or ame.

              1. For an ethnic Mexican Stroll, I'd suggest Mission St. from 16th to 24th. (There are BART Stations at both ends of that stretch.) It has a similar feel to parts of Roosevelt Avenue (a bit seedier at the north end) but with a stronger Central American (especially Salvadoran) presence and the Metro underfoot instead of overhead. You may want to graze (a cochinita pipil torta here, a pupusa there, a taco somewhere else).

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                  Thanks so much! That's exactly the kind of stuff I want to eat. There are lots of Central Americans where I live and I love pupusas and the like.