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Feb 8, 2008 06:48 AM

Advice on my Culinary Itinerary

First of all let me say thanks for all your help in finding breakfast places in a previous post. Your suggestions were great and I will defintely be visiting some of the places.
I will be in SF for 4 days from the 21st through the 24th and I am trying to fit in as much eating as possible in those 4 days (a girl HAS to have priorities!)
Here are my plans for my meals:

Thursday: I arrive at SFO around 11am and I plan to explore the Ferry Building
L: Salt House (a good friend recommended it as one of his favorite places)
D: Chez Panisse (a friend from HS works there and I am going with her)

B: some have suggested the Hotel Vitale (where I'm staying) or Towns End. I work for Gap and will be in town for an all day meeting that day so it needs to be close to 2 Folsom. Please help me choose.
L: Yank Sing (close to the office)
D: Boulevard (has been recommended by so many and I fell in love with the space from the pictures on the website)

Saturday: (this will be my sightseeing day)
B: Tartine (based on recommendations)--not married to this
L: Delfina for pizza (my friend who works at Chez highly recommended this, but I am flexible)
D: No plans yet

Brunch: Canteen (based on recommendations)
I will be heading out to my friends house in Richmond for her daughter's birthday later that day so dinner is covered.

I am not married to my plans on Saturday. I love love love Mexican food and would love to get some recs for some good Mexican. I like little hole in the wall type places and although it is my first time in SF, I am a New Yorker so I have no fear of walking or public transportation. I would also like to explore the city a bit but I know SF has so many great neighborhoods, so suggestions are welcomed!
I will most likely be dining alone on Saturday night so I will check the previous threads about solo dining, but other ideas are welcomed.

One more thing I have a $75 daily meal allowance but I will pay out of pocket for two meals in order to save my $$ for the third meal (like for my meal at Boulevard).
Thanks so much!

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  1. I'd suggest Coi for Sat nite. there are several threads on here that have detailed descriptions. generallly speaking it has a fresh ingredient-focused vegetable focused tasting menu that is delicious and the service is very professional. prices are $85 for the four course and 115 for the 10 course tasting. the 4 course allows the diner to select 4 courses from the tasting and receive larger portions of each of pairings are available for an additional charge that my recollection is about $50.

    1. I would say dump Boulevard, per this recent post:

      Secondly, Saturday morning/afternoon can be covered at the Ferry Plaza (do a search if you haven't already read about it). It is a must-visit.

      I would say make Canteen a dinner reservation. Best solo dining in town. Period - end of sentence.

      1. Saturday night - Bar Crudo!

        1. What about SPQR on Saturday night? I'm sure you could find a space at the bar and dig into some of their delicious small plates. Don't miss the brussel sprouts. Yum!

          For Mexican, I really like Pastores. Affordable, low-key, delicious. I've only been for dinner, but their breakfast is supposedly great too. The owner is a gem.

          Pastores Restaurant
          3486 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          1. I think that you'd really like the farmers market at the Ferry Plaza and the shops inside the Ferry Building on Saturday morning. Here are some links: