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Feb 8, 2008 06:43 AM

Atlanta Seafood

Gonna be in a ATL for a few nights and am interested in great seafood and great beer. Any place that I can get both? Especially interested in raw oysters and EVERYTHING fried and good beer on tap. . . .

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  1. Fontaine's in the Highlands.

    1. I second Fontaine's (which is also fairly reasonable.) Fontaine's is also in a great wandering neghborhood and a neat mix of Hip places, places mild enough for a Soccer Mom, and old fashioned bars. (Moe & Joes and Georges across the street have been around over 40 years)

      Also good for your requirements, if the weather is warm enough to eat on the roof, is Six Feet Under on Memorial. Good view of Atlanta skyline, plenty of beer, and decent fried food. I wouldn't go walking in that neighborhood, though.

      1. Ray's in the City which is right downtown might be good if you are seeking oysters- they bring them in daily, and the menu usually features oysters from at least 4 different places. Fun piano bar too.

        1. Brick Store pub in Decatur (on the Courthouse Square) has perhaps Atlanta's best beer selection.